Nintendo 64 Controller - Old Skool

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Nintendo 64 Controller - Old Skool

The Old Skool N64 controller has the same shape and feel as Nintendo's original design.

Featuring 10 active buttons (including Left and Right shoulder functions, and Z-trigger)

The analog stick is as precise as it gets while the legendary D-pad offers a classic gaming feel.

The controller's data port is compatible with any N64 Rumble or Memory Pak,

Our controller Sports 6-foot long cord.

This is the perfect replacement for your broken or lost Nintendo 64 controller.

6 Reviews

  • 5
    N64 Controller

    Posted by Nathaniel L on Jul 10th 2024

    This controller is is great. I had an N64 as a child and as far as I can remember it feels exactly the same. This is by far the cheapest and best quality controller I could find.

  • 5
    Great controller and great stick!

    Posted by Irvin Valdez on Nov 28th 2022

    Love this would recommend controll

  • 4
    Overly sensitive analog stick. But for the price, these are pretty good

    Posted by Eric Defore on Dec 27th 2021

    Nothing will match the original in good condition, but these come very close.

    I ran some tests on the stick sensitivity and these read a good deal more sensitive than the original, topping out around 110 in each direction rather than the official/stock 85. I bought and tested 3 of those controllers and it seems to be universally true for these controllers. This means that you will reach "top speed" without having to tilt the analog stick all the way like you would need to with an original controller in good condition. The tool that I used can be found here:

    Whether this sensitivity issue would be an issue is up to the individual. I bought these for some casual Smash Bros and Mario Party (without needing to risk my original controller on _those_ mini games) and I think these are fine for that use case. But in some platformers it could potentially cause problems, so be aware of the increased sensitivity.

    The buttons also feel more clicky than the original, but that could also be an age issue. My original controller is quite old after all.

    The overall plastic feels different as well.

    For the price and for a guaranteed working stick (even if it is more sensitive than it should be), it is a pretty decent buy.

  • 5

    Posted by Chad Kear on Dec 5th 2021

    Just like the original. If you need replacements these are the ones to get. Shipped very fast. Completely satisfied with this purchase.

  • 5
    Gets the job done

    Posted by Seth Forsman on Mar 6th 2021

    No bells or whistles, just a 1:1 reproduction of the OEM model. Works like a charm.

  • 4
    Perfect, except for one loud flaw

    Posted by JS on Jun 1st 2020

    Feels identical to an original N64 controller, except one glaring problem: the control stick squeaks extremely loudly to the point where it's annoying. This could just be my controller, but it's something that is seriously hindering my enjoyment of using it.