Multidude - NES Homebrew Game

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Multidude - NES Homebrew Game

In MultiDude, you control a team of robots with different abilities that must work together to reach the exit in each level. Switch between each robot and use their special skills in tandem to solve devious puzzles. Smash through floors, build bridges, push blocks - do whatever it takes to avoid the traps and escape to the next stage!


  • Master five different types of robots in various combinations of teams!
  • Use skills like door making, block crushing, and spike walking to solve brain-boggling puzzles!
  • Avoid dangerous hazards like spikes, bottomless pits, and force fields!
  • Collect mini figurines to combine the powers of your robo dudes!
  • Pit your wits against over 20 stages!

*Multidude is created, owned, and developed by Retro Souls. Mega Cat Studios provided several of the dudes, physical manufacturing and distribution.