KRIKzz RGB Blaster Shell - Humble Bazooka

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KRIKzz RGB Blaster Shell - Humble Bazooka

The Krikzz RGB Blaster is an RGB + Audio out cartridge for the Nintendo Famicom. It's an awesome device but it doesn't offer much protection with it's PCB sandwich plates and can be a little wobbly in the Famicom cartridge slot.

Our multicolored shells help with these issues by fully wrapping around the RGB Blaster like a real Famicom cartridge. The RGB Blaster shell fits snug without being too tight for the Famicom cartridge slot.

Does not include screws or stand offs needed but reuses them from the RGB Blaster.

Needed for Installation:

  • 3/16" hex driver or metric equivalent
  • #01 Philips screw driver
  • Hex stand offs from the RGB Blaster
  • 4 Screws from the RGB Blaster


3 Reviews

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    Great product!

    Posted by Joe on Feb 15th 2024

    Provides some stability to the RGB tower of power. Less wobbles on the cartridge slot so I`m not as anxious about glitching

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    Essential RGB Blaster Upgrade

    Posted by Phillip on May 3rd 2023

    The RGB Blaster is an awesome product, but the stock casing is flimsy to the point that it feels like it could damage the Famicom cartridge slot and/or the cartridge itself. It’s just too wobbly out of the box for my personal comfort. This shell was absolutely perfect in adding support and stability for both the cart slot and cart, and it feels rock-solid in my AV Famicom. It also provides additional support for both the AV out port and the micro USB port, which should greatly improve durability. The install was easy with the guidance of the how-to video. This was actually my first experience with any 3D printed product, and I’m super impressed by the quality in terms of fit and finish. Overall, this shell is an essential upgrade in my opinion.

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    Perfect fit, and makes the RGB Blaster sturdy

    Posted by Samson on Apr 21st 2023

    This doesn`t just give you a clean look, it`s also functionally superior. Using the RGB Blaster with just the original PCB shell that it ships with constantly feels like I`m going to accidentally bend or break something. This little shell gives it a snug fit into the console and holds the carts securely. I wouldn`t use the RGB Blaster without it. Installation is kind of obvious, but since it doesn`t come with any instructions, and there are none on the product listing as of right now, I want to explain a couple of points. This shell doesn`t come with any screws. You`ll need to reuse the standoffs and four of the screws from the original PCB ``shell``. You`ll definitely want to use a socket to drive the standoffs into the shell for the first time (the shell doesn`t come with threads cut into the screw holes).