HD Compatible Cable for Super NES (Model 1) - LevelHike

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HD Compatible Cable for Super NES (Model 1) - LevelHike

     Please Note: Does not work with "SNES Jr." (which is the SNES-101 model).  

  • Features
Converts & upscales analog composite RGB signal from console to HDMI signal for all modern HDTVs/monitors/projectors on market
  • Easy to Use
Come with all needed cables. Integrated design. Connect console & television with cables via HDMI and included micro USB cable need to be hooked up (TV's port or wall charger) if any video distortion or extreme heat from back of console
  • Awesome Image Quality
At this price, our cable provides best upscaled signal processing with great precision, colors, resolution and details (Default display is 16:9 and display can be adjusted to 4:3 if TV setting supports)
  • Low Latency & Workable with Capture Cards
No lag for most games & it's recommendation for anyone who does YouTube or Twitch streaming and recording
  • Micro USB Cable Usage
Included micro USB cable should be plugged to wipe away image issues and power up if you see the image distortion while gaming or feel the adnormal heat from back of SNES (Low power supply). So it's recommended.
  • Console Compatibility
Our HD link cable here is only for original SNES instead of new-style SNES (also known as SNS-101) or SNES Jr. It also works with both PAL and NTSC systems.
  • Manual Adjustment
Our cable's colors have been specifically calibrated for SNES & SFC.
However final display doesn't only depend on our cable quality but what games you are playing and TV quality.
Try to adjust the higher backlight or brightness, dynamic setting or other parameters on TV if you want to improve the display more.
*For Use on Original Super Nintendo Hardware only. 


5 Reviews

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    Triple duty for modded consoles.

    Posted by AJ on Dec 26th 2021

    For the SNES alone, this cable is fantastic. Nintendo did the world a service by including RGB output with the original (and more common to my knowledge) SNES model. This cleans up the image and outputs some seriously great colors.

    This cable is capable of a lot more with the right setup though (READ CAREFULLY): IF you mod your NES and N64 with the eTim RGBout mods, this cable WILL work with them. The NES output is absolutely perfect, it could not look any better if it tried. The N64 on the otherhand is a massive improvement, but you're still fighting the internal anti-aliasing and blur that Nintendo built into games. There are Gameshark codes that can disable some of that though. Wonderful cable all around, no noticeable input lag. ***ONLY IF YOU MOD YOUR N64 AND NES WILL THIS CABLE WORK WITH THEM THOUGH.***

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    Hd Adapter

    Posted by Chris H. on Dec 5th 2021

    This has worked great since the day i received it!
    there really isn't a downside to buying one of these if you dont have a CRT T.V. to play your retro games on.

  • 4
    looks okay but...

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 12th 2020

    the audio sounds great and images look good except it bumped the red up really high on my tv. also, if anything is moving an the screen there is a wierd jitter. it is most noticible playing rpg's but is present in every game i played. it took about two weeks to get used to.

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    Confirmed working on simple RGB modded Snes Jr.

    Posted by QbRt_ on Apr 6th 2020

    Was using a $30 no-name scart to hdmi converter but the quality was awful! The aspect ratio switch made more of a difference than I was expecting and my eyeballs are now pleasantly pleased. Using Super Mario World as a reference, the colors seem just a touch off compared to other types of cables (AV, scart,....). But nothing a casual player will even notice unless they are seriously looking for it. And there's always color adjustments on your TV and in OBS settings for the super picky ones out there (me included lol).

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    The Best Quality If You Have The Right Model SNES sns-001

    Posted by Benjamin Ross on Aug 24th 2019

    I Have Used Alot Different Kinds Of These Adapters But This Is Top Line Looks And Sounds Great