gcomp Automatic 8:2 Component / Composite Switch

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gcomp Automatic 8:2 Component / Composite Switch
gcomp Automatic 8:2 Component / Composite Switch
Connect all your Component / Composite devices at once and enjoy automatic switching when you turn on the system you are ready to play! 
SUPERGUN WARNING: Any SUPERGUN conversion (or arcade mods in general) will permanently damage the switch. This damage is easy to detect and will void the warranty, so please make sure you do NOT attempt to use this product with a Supergun conversion. 

This switch is similar to the gscart switch and shares the same principle; effortless automatic switching with best possible video quality and HD video support. This is a combination Composite/ Component switch which means that it can be used for both Composite and Component signal switching simultaneously.

If you plan to use composite functionality:

TVs with shared Composite / Y RCA plug (Yellow / Green): connect the composite source to the green input and connect the green output to the yellow/ green plug of your TV. Depending on your TV model you may have to use a remote to switch to Composite/ Component mode.

TVs with independent Composite yellow and green RCA ports: connect the audio RCA outputs to TV in the usual way but use the additional separate RCA lead for composite (Yellow) output. You will likely have to use the TV remote to switch to composite/ component mode. If you have separate stereo audio inputs for component/ composite TV inputs you will have to use additional 1:2 RCA splitters (not provided).

Full audio / video input protection has been added to minimize the damage when incompatible equipment is connected. Please take into account that protection won’t make all the faulty cases work, it’s there just to protect the hardware.

Features (v5.2):

  • 8 inputs
  • 2 outputs
  • Simultaneous output support
  • Design with focus on video quality
  • Automatic switching based on sync (Y / Composite)
  • HD signal supported (up to 1080p)
  • Integrated video amplifier
  • EXT header support to query / override enabled input
  • Full audio / video input protection
  • PSU polarity & overvoltage protection
  • Externally powered by USB (standard MicroUSB +5V connector)
  • High quality universal power supply is included


The micro USB port is a is surface mounted and if you apply too much force or step on it, it might detach. This is not a defect.  Due to the fragile nature of this port we may be able to repair the port if you accidentally damage it.  Contact [email protected] if you run into an issue with your micro USB port. 


Laser Bear Industries Bumper Cases:

Designed by Greg Collins - these are a great option that we highly recommend. Get yours here.
Make sure you watch the installation video first, gscartsw v5.2 installation is tricky.

Vertical Mount Brackets:

Wonderful gscartsw user ChrisTheMeat designed vertical mounting brackets and published his work here.

3 Reviews

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    Flawless Solution

    Posted by Nachosonic on Jun 13th 2024

    I just bought my second gcomp switch to daisy chain them and get a total of 15 inputs, 2 component outputs and 1 composite output dedicated for the NES in the first switch (composite on green). Perfect solution to get simultaneous output to my CRT and to the retrotink.

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    Gcomp well worth the price

    Posted by Ryan C on Jun 6th 2024

    I recently upgraded my retro system inputs away from manual switches to the Gcomp auto switcher and couldn`t be happier. I really like the fact that I can hook up 8 systems by component and 8 systems by composite at the same time and be able to send the signals to two different places. Currently I`m sending all my component signals to my Retrotink 5X and my composite signals to my CRT. The gcomp has massively simplified my set up and also cleaned up a lot of my cables now that everything is going to a single input instead of multiple inputs daisy chained together. I absolutely love the fact the gcomp auto switches, it makes switching systems seamless, and gives me one less thing to think about. The gcomp is a bit pricey and there usually is a wait, but I feel like it`s worth it since it simplified my set up and allowed me to focus on what I want to do which is play videogames from a wide range of systems without the hassle of either switching out systems, or relying on potentially complicated daisy chain manual switchers. I would highly recommend picking one of these up if you have multiple systems and are about to or already daisy chaining inputs since it will make your life so much easier.

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    Fantastic solution

    Posted by Brian on Jun 2nd 2024

    I previously had a GCompSW, but found I needed more ports. Now I have 15 inputs going to my RetroTINK4K and HDCRT. Everything is seamless with switching, and delivery was prompted after the pre-order period. The key with this product is patience because the payoff is very very worth it. Previously having used passive mechanical switches daisy-chained together was NIGHT AND DAY compared to having a GComp. I highly recommend this for anyone with a multi-console setup who needs two outputs, whether for video capture or going to separate displays.