FX-nvBMP Non-Volatile Backup Memory Pack for PC-FX - Humble Bazooka

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FX-nvBMP Non-Volatile Backup Memory Pack for PC-FX - Humble Bazooka

With the internal storage space of the PC-FX being limited to 32 kB, you're bound to need more storage after playing just a few games. You could source an expensive original FX-BMP but then you're dealing with batteries and lost game saves.

The FX-nvBMP is a replacement "Backup Memory Pack" for the PC-FX. The "nv" stands for "non-volatile", which means your game saves won't be lost if you run out of power. This version of the FX-nvBMP is based on David Shadof's original design.


  • Uses modern non-volatile MRAM and keeps your game saves safe
  • No batteries required like the original FX-BMP
  • Custom designed multi color shell 

All information subject to change without notice.

1 Review

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    My PC-FX got a new life !!!

    Posted by Eric St-Arnaud on Aug 2nd 2023

    I was trying to find and adequate `working` FX-BMP card for my PC-FX at great enough price, but no chance... But when i heard about this one from StonAgeGamer, i bought it instantly ! And IT WORKS PRETTY WELL ! Without BATTERY ! Games like `God Fighter : Zeroigar` or some translated JRPG like `Farland Story FX` or action `metroidvania` games like `Ruruli Ra Rula` can now be played without starting from the beginning (like my `teenager-time` when i could`nt afford to buy a PS1 memory card, hehe). Thanks StoneAgeGamer ! :)