EverDrive64 X7 (Funtastic Frosty)

PCB Version: Model 18 Rev. C (X7)
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EverDrive64 X7 (Funtastic Frosty)


SD Card Size

This is the Funtastic Frosty version of the EverDrive64 X7. This comes with the PCB installed into a region free transparent blue cartridge shell with a Funtastic Blue label and held together with blue aluminum screws.

Ever dream of having your whole library of Nintendo 64 games in a single cartridge? The EverDrive64 X7 allows you to load your game back-ups (commonly known as ROMs) on a microSD card, put the SD card into the EverDrive64 X7, put the EverDrive64 X7 into a Nintendo 64 and have your list of games at your finger tips. Please read the FLASH CART DISCLAIMER below before purchasing.


  • 40 Winks
    40 Winks
  • Glover
  • Milo’s Astro Lanes
    Milo’s Astro Lanes
  • Starshot
  • Wetrix

  • Officially Licensed From:Piko Interactive

Basic Edition vs. Deluxe Edition

The Basic Edition comes with just the EverDrive64 X7 cartridge in the selected style or configuration covered by a 1-year Warranty. Whereas the Deluxe Edition includes the cartridge, a case, printed manual, a EverDrive64 sticker, Stone Age Gamer sticker, and is covered by a 2-year Warranty.


  • Supports both PAL and NTSC systems.
  • UltraCIC III with region auto detection.
  • Save without reset support. Games will be saves without resetting the system. (X7 only)
  • RTC support. (X7 only)
  • Micro SD cards are supported.
  • Fast loading. Speed up to 23 Mbyte/s.
  • Supports NES (*.nes) ROM format via built-in emulator.
  • Gamepak saves support (SRAM, SRAM128Kbyte, EEPROM16k, EEPROM4k, FlashRam)
  • GameShark cheats.
  • IPS/APS patches.
  • USB port for development. (X7 only)

EverDrive64 X5 vs. EverDrive64 X7:


A) PIRACY – Stone Age Gamer Retroworks, Inc. ("Stone Age Gamer") does not support or condone piracy. Flash carts and similar devices Stone Age Gamer sells and supports are intended to be used only for the following purposes: development, playing games licensed by Stone Age Gamer for use with the product, and/or playing currently owned personally backed-up games and media where it is legal to do so. Stone Age Gamer does not offer support for any other use of this product.

B) PERSONAL BACK-UPS – In many territories it is legal to make back-ups for personal use and/or archival purposes, however it may not be legal in all territories. Please learn the national and local laws regarding this subject before making back-ups for personal use. Please note, in most territories "Personal Back-up" means exactly that; back-ups you made yourself of games you currently own. This often does not include back-ups obtained via other methods (i.e. downloading), even if it is a game you physically own.

C) DAMAGE – Neither Stone Age Gamer or the manufacturer is responsible for any damage of property this product may cause. This is a new product intended to be used on electronic hardware that exceeds two decades in age and Stone Age Gamer can’t guarantee the condition of such hardware. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

D) MODIFICATION & USE – Any unauthorized modification and/or non-intended use of this or any other flash cart product sold by Stone Age Gamer shall void both manufacturer and retailer warranties of that product.

E) CLONE / MODIFIED CONSOLES – Flash carts were developed and intended to be used on un-modified original hardware using original hardware accessories. Stone Age Gamer does not guarantee flash cart operation on clone consoles or modified consoles. Flash carts may operate on some clone consoles or modified consoles. However, due to power consumption changes, random hardware changes and/or firmware updates of those consoles we cannot offer a guarantee of flash cart compatibility. Any returns due to incompatibility with clone consoles or modified consoles will result in no refund of any shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee if no defect is found during testing.

5 Reviews

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    Absolute must own for N64

    Posted by Tom Reinert on Sep 21st 2021

    This product is perfect in my opinion. The interface is excellent and everything runs smoothly. The cart and label are super nice. It looks and feels like a real cart. I ordered the box and manual for it as well and I highly recommend it. The box is a bitbox box and is pretty large and will stand out from regular boxes. It is molded plastic so it will fit the cart perfectly. The manual was actually really helpful though the same info can be found online. If you have an N64, this is a must own.

  • 5

    Posted by MATHEW PHILLIPS on Sep 5th 2021

    Ever since I was a kid always wanted to have one way to play all my games now as an adult I get to give that wish and dream to my children to be able to put a single cart in and play all the games that I have. instead of having to pop them in and out every single time. They enjoy it and I'm so happy I found Stoneage gamer thank you very much.

  • 5
    Excellent Cartridge

    Posted by JuanGrande386 on Jun 28th 2021

    Bought this blue cartridge to match my Ultra HDMI modded Ice Blue Nintendo 64 console. It was like they were meant to be together! Havent ran into any problems game wise yet. Definitely nice to not have to take stacks of games off the shelf to find the one I want to play in the back! Would highly recommend!

  • 5
    Everdrive 64 is the holy grail

    Posted by Hugo Oros on Apr 12th 2021

    The Everdrive 64 is the holy grail of N64 emulation. With 100% compatibility, a handy save system and Controller Pak back-up feature, this thing is an essential purchase for N64 console owners. There’s still room for improvement though, such as an onboard Controller Pak storage feature and a better cheat system, but the good reasons to buy way outweigh the bad.

  • 5
    Excellent Product Well Worth the Money

    Posted by William Bond on Aug 5th 2020

    The cartridge looks amazing. Looks like a legitimate original Nintendo 64 cartridge. The Atomic Purple color looks like it came straight out of Nintendo's line of products. Cart functions properly with every game I have tried. I can finally play all the Nintendo 64 games I never got to as a kid!