EverDrive-N8 (Base) [NES]

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EverDrive-N8 (Base) [NES]

SD Card

This is the Base version of the EverDrive-N8 for the NES, nothing fancy. It comes assembled in a gray shell with basic label.

Ever dream of having your whole library of NES games in a single cartridge? The EverDrive-N8 for NES allows you to load your game back-ups (commonly known as ROMs) on an SD card, put the SD card into the EverDrive-N8, put the EverDrive-N8 into an NES system and have your list of games at your finger tips. Please read the FLASH CART DISCLAIMER below before purchasing.

Basic Edition vs. Deluxe Edition

The Basic Edition comes with just the EverDrive-N8 for NES cartridge in the selected style or configuration covered by a 1-year Warranty. Whereas the Deluxe Edition includes the cartridge, a case, printed manual, a EverDrive-N8 sticker, EverDrive-N8 controller overlay, Stone Age Gamer sticker, and is covered by a 3-year Warranty.


  • Bible Adventures
    Bible Adventures
  • Bible Buffet
    Bible Buffet
  • Escape from Atlantis
    Escape from Atlantis
  • Exodus
  • Free Fall
    Free Fall
  • Joshua
  • King of Kings
    King of Kings
  • Lan Master
    LAN Master
  • Lawn Mower
    Lawn Mower
  • Motor City Patrol
    Motor City Patrol
  • Noah's Ark
    Noah's Ark
  • Quest Forge
    Quest Forge
  • Scarabeus
  • Spiritual Warfare
    Spiritual Warfare
  • Sunday Funday
    Sunday Funday
  • Thunderbolt II
    Thunderbolt II
  • Zooming Secretary
    Zooming Secretary

  • Officially Licensed From:Piko Interactive


A) PIRACY – Stone Age Gamer LLC does not support or condone piracy. Flash carts are intended to be used only for the following reasons: development, playing games licensed by Stone Age Gamer LLC for use with the product, and/or playing personally backed-up games (see section B). Stone Age Gamer LLC does not offer support for any other use of this product including how or where to obtain game back-ups.

B) PERSONAL BACK-UPS – Although in some territories it is legal to make back-ups for personal use it may not be legal in all territories. Please learn local laws before making back-ups for personal use. Please note, in most territories "Personal Back-up" means exactly that; back-ups you made yourself of games you own. This often does not included back-ups obtained via other methods (i.e. downloading), even if it is a game you physically own.

C) DAMAGE – Stone Age Gamer LLC is not responsible for any damage of property this product may cause. This is a new product intended to be used on electronic hardware that exceeds two decades in age and Stone Age Gamer LLC can’t guarantee the condition of such hardware. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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    Review from Jimmy Ipock

    Posted by Jimmy Ipock on Apr 28th 2016

    There is no better flash cart for the NES, this is a masterpiece.

  • 5
    Review from Dustin Danner

    Posted by Dustin Danner on Feb 18th 2015

    The Everdrive N8 is a great piece of hardware. I purchased my N8 a few months ago and had no issues...until it stopped working. I let krikzz know what was happening (via his website) and I sent it out for repair. I got it back shortly (2 weeks) after and everything is in working order. Krikzz makes a great product and the Deluxe Edition stone age sells is great!

  • 5
    Review from Sleveee

    Posted by Sleveee on Dec 11th 2014

    No issues as long as you're using clean ROMs. issues with some 'hacked' ROMs. Very nice cart for people who want to play NES games on actual NES hardware.

  • 5
    Review from Brandon Does Gaming

    Posted by Brandon Does Gaming on Oct 12th 2014

    I Honestly Don't Own One Of These, But I Really Want One! I Watched Reviews Of These And They Are Epic!