BrawlerGen for Sega Genesis and Saturn (Gray) - Retro Fighters

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BrawlerGen for Sega Genesis and Saturn (Gray) - Retro Fighters
  • First Controller to feature a 2-in-1 connector that is compatible with both SEGA Genesis/Mega drive and SEGA Saturn
  • Compatible with the original SEGA Genesis/Mega drive and SEGA Saturn, as well as most third-party systems
  • Ergonomic and comfortable modern design
  • Extra long 10' Cord
  • Compatible with: SEGA Genesis/Mega drive, 32X, SEGA CD, SEGA master system, SEGA Saturn and most 3rd party Genesis systems


5 Reviews

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    Great build quality but could use a little revision

    Posted by Jeff on Apr 24th 2023

    I have to agree with the other comments regarding the stick not being an actual analog control and the D-Pad having pivot problems. The digital analog stick seems to have a large dead zone and once you reach the edge it simply registers just like the digital d-pad press. The D-pad itself seems a little small somehow, but as someone else said it`s likely to do with not having a central pivot. I find it registering two directions at once when I don`t want it to. It`s very hard to play any Saturn fighting games with the D-pad, and the analog style stick doesn`t fare much better. Controlling NiGHTs feels all right though thankfully, so I can probably safely retire away my 3D Analog controller.

    That all being said, the buttons, the plastics used for the controller body, and everything else feels sturdy and are of great quality. Overall I will still be using this as my main Saturn controller so I don`t ruin my OEMs and maybe I`ll build a stick for the fighting games if I ever get deep into them again.

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    Disappointed, but it works still.

    Posted by Chad Farber on Feb 26th 2023

    As far as controllers go, this one I find to be okay in terms of build quality. It doesn`t feel super cheap. However I have 2 major problems that I noticed.

    1. The analog stick is not a proper analog and instead emulates the D-pad, so as a Saturn 3D Controller replacement, this won`t work unfortunately.

    2. The D-pad doesn`t have a central pivot so the entire pad can be pressed in the center and it doesn`t have a good feel of range when pressing diagonals.

    Had the D-pad even been better I would heavily recommend this controller, but for its overall cost and the quality of the analog stick/D-pad, it`s a bit of a tough call unless you actively need something to do double duty for Saturn/Genesis.

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    Only controller I`m ever going to need for all my Sega needs

    Posted by Stephen Whitaker on Dec 14th 2022

    Love the original sega saturn controller so I was a bit iffy if I really needed this one. Found out, this is the best controller! works great, very responsive and feels good in the hands. Comes with a longer cord, so no need for the extension I recently purchased. Also, it works on my Genesis and on my Master System. So I literally have a controller I can swap from one, to the next, to the next. Just incredible. The analog stick is great for all kinds of needs. Came super quick from stone age and packaged in the original packaging.

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    Best Controller I didn't know I need

    Posted by Quinn Hofmann on Jul 31st 2022

    I came here looking for some extra Dreamcast controllers, specifically the strikerDC which solved fitting the cord around the VMU slots much more elegantly than the awkward cord placement at the bottom of the original SEGA design by creating a more ergonomic and "traditional" shape with the cord at the top already - not a notch to hold the cord in place to make it seem like it did.

    Then I saw this controller, and also having a Saturn but not the nIGHT'S analog DC controller prototype because of how ugly and uncomfortable I think it... the game (games if you count the Xmas edition) are some of the most nostalgia inducing of all time for me so seeing that this exists...viceill be adding one to my cart when I grab those strikerDCs so I can finally play the copies I have sitting around properly, without feeling like a dork! (or is it impossible not to look like a dork when you're a 30yr old playing a game about an acrobatic jester in probably the most majestic and fantastical game settings ever lol)

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    A Great Modern Alternative

    Posted by Travis Nellor on Mar 25th 2021

    Everything worked exactly as advertised. The placement and feel of the buttons is great. The analog stick is a great addition since official SEGA analog pads are hard to come by.