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Restock Update 9/18/2020

Restock Update 9/18/2020

Kris Randazzo
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"When are you getting more in?"

Welcome back, everyone! 

A few months ago, we made a post updating everyone on our stock levels for many of our most popular products. It seemed to be something folks enjoyed, so we've decided to do it again, and hopefully a little more often in the future. 

Below is a breakdown of our most requested items, and our most recent estimates on when we'll have them back in stock, if we have them now, and whatever other details we think you could use. 

Covid has definitely had an effect on shipping times, and as a result there are several items we wish we could restock faster that have been sitting in shipping limbo far longer than we'd like. But we'll do our best to give you realistic estimates on restocking times. 

NOTE: All of the information posted here was gathered on 9/18/2020. Also, most of these are estimates, and all times are subject to change.

Here we go!


EverDrive N8 Pro - We recently got these back in stock, but they're already almost gone again. There are a couple of the fancy colored carts already out of stock, but we're doing our best to keep these more regularly stocked.

EverDrive N8 Pro Famicom - We have these in stock now, but the only color we were sent this time around was white. We've gotten several requests for other color options on these, and we're doing our best to find a solution. For now though, white's what we got. 

FXPAK Pro - BACK IN STOCK! These were out of stock for a bit, but we got a decently sized batch in recently and things are looking pretty well stocked for now.

EverDrive 64 X7 - These are currently in stock, but our numbers are kind of low at the moment. That said, we're expecting another shipment any day now, so getting one shouldn't be much of an issue. 

Mega EverDrive Pro - We're sold out of these, and it looks like it's going to be another 3-6 weeks before we get more. If you pre-ordered one of these from our initial batch and you haven't received yours yet, please contact us at [email protected].

EverDrive GB X7 - We're out of stock, but we've ordered more. Our current restock estimate is 4-8 weeks.

EverDrive GBA X5 Mini - These have proven to be very popular items. We're out of stock right now, but our current restock estimate is 3-6 weeks.

EverDrive GBA X5 - Yes, we're still carrying the original sized EverDrive GBA X5. We've ordered more, and the current estimate is 4-8 weeks.

Turbo EverDrive - Out of stock, but we've ordered more. Our current restock estimate is 3-6 weeks.

EverDrive GG X7 - Out of stock, but we've ordered more. Our current restock estimate is 4-8 weeks.


NeoSD AES - In stock

NeoSD MVS - In stock

NeoSD Pro AES - These are still coming, but unfortunately we don't have any solid details on when. Our current estimate is "Late 2020."

Super SD System 3 - We're currently sold out, but we expect to get a pretty decent sized batch in early October.

MODE - We expect to get our first shipment in early October. Possibly even the same shipment containing our SSDS3 order!

Mega SD - In stock

Retro HQ

Neo Pocket GameDrive - We have these in stock now, but we're starting to run a little low. The folks at Retro HQ have been pretty great with restocking us in a timely manner though, so if we do run out at any point, they shouldn't be out of stock for long.

*COMING SOON: Atari Lynx Game Drive - We currently estimate that we'll start receiving our first batch of these in 6-8 weeks.

*COMING SOON: Atari Jaguar Game Drive - We currently estimate that we'll start receiving our first batch of these in 10-14 weeks.

Other stuff

Retrode - Out of stock. We expect to get more in 3-6 weeks

Retro Fighters Brawler64 - Currently in stock in Blue and Gray only.

Retro Fighters StrikerDC - Currently in stock with more colors on the way. No ETA on those, though.

EON Suepr64 - In stock

EON GCHD - In stock

CARBY by Insurrection Industries - In stock

As stated above, this information is accurate as of 9/18/2020. If you’re reading this weeks, months, or years later, things have likely changed. For more information regarding product ship dates, you can still reach out to us on social media or contact us at [email protected]. Stay safe, everyone! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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