StrikerDC Next-Gen Sega Dreamcast Controller

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StrikerDC Next-Gen Sega Dreamcast Controller

Built from the ground-up. Built for you.

From the sleek, ergonomic next generation features to the ports, chipset, and software, the StrikerDC was built from the ground-up to bring you the first Dreamcast controller of its kind.  Relive your favorite classic games like never before.

No sacrifices.

The StrikerDC is fully compatible with all first-party VMUs, Vibration Packs, 4x Memory Cards and Microphone.  Pull out your original accessories and play to your heart’s content.

Improvements all around.

Take your gaming to the next level with digital shoulder buttons and added pressure sensitive triggers – perfect for fighting games.  No matter what game you play, the StrikerDC adapts to you.

And, unlike the original Dreamcast controller, the cord on the StrikerDC comes out of the top, instead of the bottom – no more annoying distractions.

Fits like a glove. Plays like a beast.

Ergonomically designed for comfort and hours of gameplay, the StrikerDC has been engineered with a high quality and responsive D-pad, comfortable and responsive analog stick, improved visibility VMU viewing window and a turbo function to help get you to the next level.



  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Compatible with 1st party VMUs, Vibration Packs, 4X Memory Cards, and Microphone (some 3rd party accessories may be incompatible)
  • High quality and responsive D-pad
  • Added both pressure sensitive triggers and digital shoulder buttons
  • Turbo function to help get you to the next level
  • Comfortable and responsive analog stick
  • Improved visibility VMU viewing window
  • Extra long 10’ cord



29 Reviews

  • 5
    The Striker DC controller was a perfect fit!

    Posted by James D on Jun 8th 2023

    I had been enjoying the findings on when I came across this unique and modern take on the dreamcast controller; I ordered it immediately and to my pleasant surprise, it arrived same week! The shipping was super fast, and it was packaged well, the actual controller is a modern marvel, it adds bumper style buttons that function the same as the triggers, good for fighting games, and was fully compatible with my first party vmu and accessories. I would definitely recommend as it was a much more ergonomic fit than the classic OEM dreamcast controller, it even has a forward facing cord!

  • 4
    Overall very nice but with a few small nitpicks

    Posted by Jeff on Apr 24th 2023

    Another great quality offering from RetroFighters!

    The buttons, plastics used for the body, and everything else feels sturdy and you can tell they are of great quality. The D-Pad works really well although a bit of a thumb stretch when playing fighting games(the analog stick is much better there). I`m also probably used to how small the OEM controller`s D-pad is. The analog stick is good but it suffers a little like the RF BrawlerGen in that it seems to have a large dead zone and takes a long travel to engage your direction. The triggers work well in most games but aren`t really pressure sensitive and take a bit to start engaging a button press as well. I kind of like how insane the shoulder buttons are though, in racing games or Crazy Taxi your gas pedal goes straight to the floor right when you press the button! Just a few small gripes but overall they`re not humongous deal breakers in this case.

    I will be using this as my main Dreamcast controller and retiring my original.

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    StrikerDC Next-Gen Dreamcast Controller - Pretty Good!

    Posted by Bryan S on Apr 14th 2023

    I`m in love with this thing - it`s way more comfortable and provides a better fit than the original Dreamcast controller.

    Buttons feel solid and responsive. My only issue is with the thumbstick - it seems of slightly lesser build quality and (maybe this is just me) it seems as though there`s a bigger deadzone than on the original controller.

    I tested this against my original controller and found that directional input via the thumbstick was more responsive using the original controller. However, this didn`t break gameplay for me, and I definitely recommend trying this out.

  • 1
    Even Worse Than the Brawler64

    Posted by Cory on Feb 12th 2023

    I used one of these at a game store and it feels TERRIBLE. It weighs practically nothing, the thumbstick is way too loose, the triggers feel awful, and it just feels cheap all around.

    Stay away, buy an OEM Sega controller.

  • 3
    Perfectly serviceable, but not comparable to other modern controllers

    Posted by Owen on Jan 12th 2023

    To preface, the OG Dreamcast controllers is one of my least favorite controllers to use, so I was really hoping that the StrikerDC would be a great alternative. Now that I’ve got it I’ll say that it *is* definitely a step up from the original DC controller, but it’s not something I’d choose over an xbox controller + a Wingman SD adapter. It is nice to be able to use real VMUs and a rumble pack (unlike the Brook adapter), but the stick tension is super loose and the dpad doesn’t have a lot of travel or tactility. A tighter analog stick + a Saturn-style d-pad would elevate this imo, but as it is now it’s just ok (but still better than the original DC controller!).

  • 3
    Janky Stick

    Posted by Christopher Hyman on Nov 26th 2022

    If you are looking to this controller as a complete replacement for your Dreamcast controller you will be disappointed. If you are getting this controller for games that just use the Dpad youll be fine. Unsure what the cause is but this controller is not great with the stick. Out of the box it wobbles. Then unless you are keeping the stick on the edges you'll notices that your character will not move in a straight line. My example is SA2 where I barely move the stick right and as soon as I reach out of the dead zone for sonic to move instead of moving right he moves diagonal up right in a curve pattern until he gets to actual right. Outside of this stick everything else works fine.

  • 5
    Striker DC

    Posted by M. Jordan on Oct 4th 2022

    A much better controller than the original Dreamcast that I one that was produced. It has a more ergonomic design more akin to modern controllers. I especially like how nice it is to play fighting games with this controller. One of the best features is the a much better cord placement as the original had it coming from the bottom of the controller where as this one has it towards the middle. My only gripe is that the VMU screen window is not as big as the original and cuts off the image a little. Highly recommend to any DC fan to buy this

  • 5
    Awesome Dreamcast Controller Modernization!

    Posted by Zach on Oct 3rd 2022

    Personally, I already love the original Dreamcast controller. To me, it's extremely comfortable. However, I know that to a more modern audience, the Dreamcast controller can be quite large and unwieldy. The StrikerDC provides a modern solution to this. This controller offers a comfortable modern-style redesign to the Dreamcast controller, allowing for more modern gamers to enjoy playing on the Dreamcast without having to learn to use the original Dreamcast controller. The StrikerDC offers a modern solution for those who didn't like the original Dreamcast controller!

  • 4

    Posted by Dean Nunn on Sep 29th 2022

    Best Dreamcast controller option hands down! Feels great in the hands with a far superior modern ergonomic design over the original standard controller. Cord length is extra long which is great for a more modern gaming set up of today, along with it being positIoned at the top of the controller instead of the bottom. VMU wIndow is larger and easier to see and works with all accesories like the vibration pak. The only thing missing is a wireless version which would bump it to 5 stars