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Looking for the Turbo EverDrive v2 downloads? CLICK HERE

Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v1.04 04/11/2023 PRO [DOWNLOAD]
v1.03 04/03/2023 PRO [DOWNLOAD]
v1.02 03/28/2023 PRO [DOWNLOAD]
v1.01 03/08/2023 PRO [DOWNLOAD]
v1.00 03/06/2023 PRO [DOWNLOAD]
Looking for original Turbo EverDrive v1 OS files? Visit our LEGACY section.

Release Notes:


  • Doraemon fix
  • Memory corruption fix
  • Fixed drop out to the cart menu in some games. Flash Hiders one of them
  • "Special symbols" error fix
  • Fixes for US super system card
  • SD lag test included to the system diagnostics
  • Cue parser fix (cd audio sync problems)


  • Arcade card fix.
  • Palette initialization.


  • Save states improvements
  • Memory timings optimization.


  • Compatibility fixes.
  • EDFX booster detection using expansion port pin B2.


  • Original release.


Version Release Date Download
v1.00 03/06/2023 [DOWNLOAD]

Other Resources:

Resource / Tool Release Date Version Download
Themes + Theme Builder 03/06/2023 v1.0.0.0 [DOWNLOAD]
Firmware Recovery Tool 03/06/2023 - [DOWNLOAD]
USB Dev. Tool 03/06/2023 v1.0.0.0 [DOWNLOAD]
USB Dev. Tool (Source Code) 03/06/2023 v1.0.0.0 [DOWNLOAD]