Technos Arcade Cartridge 1 - Evercade Game Cartridge

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Technos Arcade Cartridge 1 - Evercade Game Cartridge

This Evercade Cartidge features 8 classic arcade games from Technos! The cartridge is supplied in a stunning collectable retro style physical case.

Games Include:

  • Battle Lane Vol. 5
  • Block Out
  • The Combatribes
  • Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
  • Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
  • Mania Challange
  • Minky Monkey
  • Mysterious Stones

1 Review

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    Good collection of arcade games

    Posted by Thane Ahrens on Feb 19th 2023

    I ordered this with my Evercade EXP handheld, mostly for the arcade game Mania Challenge that I have a lot of nostalgia for. I didn`t expect to enjoy the other games on this as much as I have and it introduced me to some fun arcade games I never played, some never even heard of. They are the same exact thing that were on arcade cabinets and play just as good with the bonus of each game having some save state slots that come in handy if you want a break or to create save spots to help with game progress over a challenge. Quarters are unlimited so play as much as you want.

    Double Dragon 2 is great if you like the first Double Dragon game, it`s a lot like it. Double Dragon 3 isn`t as good but still enjoyable. This is mostly because moving seems choppy though animations are smooth; seems to be trying to simulate walking more accurately but comes across like choppy movement. Mania Challenge is the simple wrestling game just like I remember the old arcade being to play. Block Out has gotten some negative reviews for not being a fun game but now that I`m finally trying it, I think it`s fun, plays just like it looks (top down view of Tetris in a box). Mysterious Stones isn`t so great, the only one on this I could pass on and I don`t really understand it yet. Combatribes is one I never heard of but it sure is fun to play on this, a good beat`em up brawler. Minky Monkey is like an early 1980`s arcade game that plays a little like Donkey Kong Jr. but a bit different too and while not as fun as DK Jr, it`s a nice game for short bursts if you enjoy the vine climbing in DK Jr. Battle Lane Vol. 5 plays like it looks but a bit hard for me so I haven`t played enough yet to say much about it other than it`s a cool bike game.

    The game case is like a VHS tape case in shape & size but a good bit smaller. Manual is full color and has pages on all the games in it. While this is the European release of the cart, nothing on the cart is different. The PEGI rating on the art is the only thing that stands out about it being from UK.