SEGA Saturn Wireless 2.4ghz Control Pad - Officially Licensed

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SEGA Saturn Wireless 2.4ghz Control Pad - Officially Licensed

No longer be tethered to your console. The officially-licensed SEGA Saturn® controller gets reengineered as a 2.4Ghz wireless controller and carries along its original layout and form.  This 2.4Ghz controller includes both original and USB® port wireless dongles for use across many consoles and platforms and an exclusive SEGA® case for all the extras!  With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours, game to the fullest degree for extended durations.


Features and Specs:

  • 2.4 ghz officially-licensed wireless controller
  • Compatible with SEGA Saturn®, SEGA Genesis® Mini, PC/Mac®, PS3®, and Switch
  • Includes both SEGA Saturn® port & USB® port dongle
  • Rechargeable 500 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Includes 3.3ft charging cable
  • Up to 30 ft gaming range
  • Sleep Mode after 10mins of inactivity


9 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome controller

    Posted by Bombom on Jul 2nd 2022

    I have no complaints so far and outside of the weight difference it feels just like an original Saturn controller. No noticeable input lag either!

  • 5
    Beautiful controller

    Posted by Eugene Sena on Dec 26th 2021

    Feels and works great. This company puts out top notch controllers.

  • 5
    What Sega Would Have Built In the 90s

    Posted by Todd Dietrich on Nov 15th 2021

    The build quality is excellent, and is what Sega themselves would have manufactured in the 90s had this kind of wireless technology existed.

    The controller does feel a bit light, but I think that is just because there is not a cable hanging off it like on a factory Saturn controller.

    Battery life is good and everything works exactly as it should. No noticeable input lag.

  • 5
    Sega Saturn Wireless Controller

    Posted by Andrew Greico on Oct 7th 2021

    I purchased 2 of these on a great sale. They were well worth the price. I've never seen a controller come in a hard plastic case before.

    We are in the golden age of retro gaming with companies sprouting up with updated accessories to bring today's technological features to our old consoles. I am on a crusade to replace all of my wired controllers with wireless.

    These saturn controllers are very well made. 2.4 ghz receivers provide a preferred connection to bluetooth that some other companies utilize. The inclusion of USB receivers adds the ability to use with PC, or raspberry pi. Battery life is great and LiPo means lots of charging cycles.

    Button quality is not exactly the same as OEM controllers, but the versatility and cost outweigh this small drawback. It may just be the stiffness of the rubber membranes and the fact that I've forgotten what a fresh Saturn controller feels like.

  • 5
    Must have for Saturn and emulation lovers

    Posted by Mark on Oct 7th 2021

    This pad comes with a usb and original Saturn wireless compatibility, and works flawlessly. What more can you really ask for in an updated but still true to retro form. Enthusiasts can’t go wrong with one of these bad boys in their collection. I’m pretty happy to have picked it up. It’s very responsive and build quality feels like as if it were the same as the original, but low latency wireless and rechargeable. If you want one and pull the trigger on it, I don’t think you will be upset, even if it sits for a bit on the shelf, you will be glad you had it when you pick it up again.

  • 5
    Best wireless solution for the best 2D controller

    Posted by Kwame on Oct 7th 2021

    This controller and receiver is just fantastic. I’ve experienced no perceptible lag nor any cross talk between multiple controllers. I played Saturn Bomberman with 4 wireless controllers and experienced no issues. I would love to test it with 10 controllers one day! Oh and the packaging is super premium and nice

  • 5
    control of dreams

    Posted by Carlos Henrique dos Santos on Jun 13th 2021

    I made the purchase of this control by stone age, and what I have to say is that the control is wonderful, practical and just connect and synchronize, and an advantage that can also be played on the pc, congratulations to stone age and retrobit.
    Thank you very much

  • 5
    Saturn Wireless

    Posted by Reviewer on Apr 14th 2021

    Feels just like a real Saturn controller just a bit lighter. Wireless is a great option for laying back and relaxing. Syncing is easy and the additional USB option was a nice touch. Very happy with these controllers.

  • 5
    Retro-bit Completely Redeemed Themselves With This!

    Posted by Marc on Apr 8th 2021

    So I had a first bad first experience with Retro-bit, from an NES PSU that was Compatible with the Genesis 2. It was HORRIBLE. Just horrible squealing, and just bad. I wrote them off entirely, I was so upset.

    Fast forward about half a year, and I'm trying to find a decent wireless controller for Sega Saturn after having installed my new MODE at the time. Everyone and their Dog was suggesting the Retro-bit, and I hmm'd, I hawwww'd, I was adamant that I would never give them a shot. But I took the word of a trusted few, and decided to spend my hard earned cash on it.


    That was my first impression. It was PERFECT! It STILL is. No noticeable input latency, on a CRT, it was pin point. Even in fighting games like Street Fighter Zero 3 and Darkstalkers. FANTASTIC! Battery life is great too! So much so, I've purchased a couple more of their controllers for other consoles.

    Not only is this controller the definition of a comeback redemption, its also a lesson in making sure you do research, but to also be able to give things another chance. Retro-bit took the time to get better, to be better, and to do better; and this is a fine mark of progress.

    Great job. A must buy!