2.4ghz Wireless Control Pad for Sega Saturn - Officially Licensed

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2.4ghz Wireless Control Pad for Sega Saturn - Officially Licensed

No longer be tethered to your console. The officially-licensed SEGA Saturn® controller gets reengineered as a 2.4Ghz wireless controller and carries along its original layout and form.  This 2.4Ghz controller includes both original and USB® port wireless dongles for use across many consoles and platforms and an exclusive SEGA® case for all the extras!  With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours, game to the fullest degree for extended durations.


Features and Specs:

  • 2.4 ghz officially-licensed wireless controller
  • Compatible with SEGA Saturn®, SEGA Genesis® Mini, PC/Mac®, PS3®, and Switch
  • Includes both SEGA Saturn® port & USB® port dongle
  • Rechargeable 500 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Includes 3.3ft charging cable
  • Up to 30 ft gaming range
  • Sleep Mode after 10mins of inactivity


19 Reviews

  • 5
    Dude this thing is it!

    Posted by Will Yoder on May 27th 2024

    Feels quality, feels like the wired version. The battery is great. Easy to connect, comes with a nice case.

  • 5
    Awesome controller

    Posted by Joseph Macri on Nov 23rd 2023

    This is exactly what was needed...feels cord !!! Don`t notice any extra lag

  • 5
    Awesome controller

    Posted by Joseph Macri on Oct 27th 2023

    This controller is exactly what I am looking perfect on my lag...came with a box to keep it in...good stuff

  • 1
    Piece of junk

    Posted by PHILLIP E HENDERSON on Oct 1st 2023

    I had to control for two days dropped it by accident now to left trigger doesn’t work and the LED light doesn’t work either hardly charges made out of limp plastic

  • 5
    Sega Saturn White 2.4 GHz

    Posted by John on Aug 24th 2023

    I have had the blue version since the first run of production and it is still working great! I mention those because the white variation seems to have a more tight d-pad which is more like the original. I like the feel of the d-pad and the very nice pivot for shoot ‘em ups like Truxton and Fire Shark. The latency seems very low being a 2.4 connection instead of Bluetooth and have the updated firmware. I can regularly get to the 2nd stage boss of Truxton on Steam and because of me needing more practice is the reason for not making it further. I will try it on Fire Shark that is out today on Steam and see if I can make it to the 4th stage boss and beat my score of 464,000. I think I will eventually since the d-pad and responsiveness of the buttons are really good!

  • 5
    Amazing controller! Can pair with Genesis receiver*

    Posted by Austin Head on Jun 17th 2023

    I was able to pair it with the Retro-bit Genesis receiver (sold separately) that came with my 2.4 GHz Big6 controller and it`s now my go to ``Genesis`` controller.

  • 5
    Retro-bit Sega Saturn controller

    Posted by Talal Alshatti on Mar 24th 2023

    Before I think it will not restock, but lucky me I grab one with the original price instead of swindlers who want to sell in $300.

  • 4
    Retro-Bit wireless Controller for Saturn

    Posted by Kevin K on Mar 21st 2023

    Big fan of this controller. Works fantastic on the Saturn. No issues there. My one gripe is that I can`t seem to get it to work well on the Steam Deck. Not sure if its a firmware issue or not, but I went through tons of videos and searches trying to figure out how to get it to work with my Saturn Roms, and at the end of the day could not figure it out at all. The controller itself feels authentic and well put together.

  • 3
    Feels like the original, but it has a critical flaw.

    Posted by Thomas Driscoll on Mar 7th 2023

    I feel a bit bad giving this three stars, but I feel that I need to review this product as it currently is and it currently has a pretty significant issue. To cut right to the chase, the controller does not work when the Action Replay 4M Plus loads. If you swap to a regular controller, you can advance the menus and then swap back to the wireless controller, it works fine. It`s annoying to have to swap controllers around when starting the system. I emailed Retrobit about this and they stated that it`s a known issue they`re looking into and will look into releasing a firmware update to fix it. It looks like both the controller and receiver is capable of receiving an update. If this does get fixed in the future I`ll try to remember to update this review.

    Beyond that issue the controller seems to work well. Everything feels nice and responsive. It feels very similar to my official wired remote.

    Some brief notes on the color. I got the white one to match my Japanese Saturn. There`s a lot of light bleed from the charging LED through the white plastic. It looks a bit cheap but you don`t see it while you`re using it. I`m curious if this isn`t a problem on the black variant. Also, despite the controller being white, the receiver is still black. Just something to note, it would have been nice if it matches the controller and console.

    I hope they fix the Action Replay Issue. It is a nice controller and for setups like mine where there`s a distance issue, it`s nearly essential.