8-Button Wireless 2.4 GHz Controller for Sega Genesis - Officially Licensed

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8-Button Wireless 2.4 GHz Controller for Sega Genesis - Officially Licensed

No longer be tethered to your console. The officially-licensed SEGA Genesis® controller gets reengineered as a 2.4Ghz wireless controller and carries along its original layout and form.  This 2.4Ghz controller includes both original and USB® port wireless dongles for use across many consoles and platforms and an exclusive SEGA® case for all the extras!  With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours, game to the fullest degree for extended durations. 

Also compatible with the official Sega Genesis Mini console. 


7 Reviews

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    Awesome Controller

    Posted by Jerry Victor on Oct 12th 2022

    I plugged my controllers in wirelessly and ayes Smash TV 2 players. I love the purple light that comes on sometimes and wish it were used more.

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    Love it

    Posted by Joe on Aug 24th 2022

    Buttons feel great and it easily connected to my genesis with the included receiver

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    Excellent & Affordable Wireless Option

    Posted by Sean H on Mar 15th 2022

    After using another manufacturer's 2.4G wireless option for the past few years, I got tired of the D-pad registering incorrect presses and decided to give Retro-Bit's offering a try. I'm so glad I did, as the D-pad on this controller is absolutely perfect. It could be a little stiffer, but I'm getting used to how much freedom there is and I'll take it any day over lack of responsiveness.

    Speaking of responsiveness, the input latency on Retro-Bit's controller is every bit as good as the competition and I've had absolutely no issues at all with lag or missing inputs on rapid button mashing. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

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    Solid wireless controller

    Posted by Michael on Sep 2nd 2021

    I bought two of these, one black and one blue. Both look and feel like original six button controllers and function very well with no apparent lag (something I was very concerned about). The build quality is great and the packaging/storage case is a welcome bonus. Highly recommended.

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    Awesome product

    Posted by Marceau Bletard on Aug 18th 2021

    This is the best controller to play with, if you own an Analogue Mega Sg or any other Genesis console! And officially licensed! It is exactly like the original controller from the 90s, but wireless!

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    Top Notch!

    Posted by Jay on Apr 15th 2021

    I have 2 of these pads (Blue and Black) and they are phenomenal.
    The build quality is excellent and the buttons and pad feel just like the originals. Its great value that they come in a presentation box (not really necessary) along with BOTH a USB AND Genesis port receiver. I really couldnt be happier with the products.
    The only thing I'd say is that the blue doesnt actually look as vivid as the pictures you see of it - itll only look like that if you hold it up to the light but then youll see the shape of the PCB behind very clearly. The black on is flawless!

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    Arrived in poor condition out of box

    Posted by Ragu on Dec 19th 2020

    The L button came misaligned and did not have the same travel as the R button, making it difficult to get consistent contact with the switch. while I tried to apply pressure to get it to press down properly, it would go between being very difficult to make contact, to always making contact and needing to be wiggled to prevent it from making contact. Additionally, the LED arrived broken - it slid right out of the shell. I opened the controller up and reseated the buttons, and the L and R buttons seem to be working properly now, though neither of them have much travel anymore. I don't know if i just got a dud or if this is endemic across the line, but this is very poor build quality. It's a great controller otherwise, though I don't especially trust it to last after my first impression.