Retro Fighters Brawler64 WIRELESS N64 Controller Game Controller

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Retro Fighters Brawler64 WIRELESS N64 Controller Game Controller

The controller you've been waiting for...

Since the launch of the best-selling Retro Fighters Brawler64 controller three years ago, the most requested feature has been the incorporation of wireless technology.  After 12+ months of research, software development and testing, we’re excited to announce the Next-Generation Wireless Brawler64 controller.

With it’s 2.4Ghz wireless technology, built-in rechargeable battery, and updated features and design, the Brawler64 Wireless Edition is the retro gaming controller you’ve always wanted.

Beauty is in the details.

The Brawler64 Wireless Edition, along with wireless dongles, have been meticulously designed to match the gray and transparent colors of the Nintendo 64 console.

As with the retired colors of the original Brawler64, the transparent colors of the wireless Brawler64 are extremely limited.  Once they sell out, they will be gone for good.

Changed, but still the same.

The Brawler64 Wireless Edition still has the same great shape and ergonomic design you know and love.  Aside from the technological advancements, we’ve made some subtle changes to improve your gameplay.  After much feedback from the retro gaming community, we’ve upgraded the feel of “Z” triggers to have a more “digital” press versus an “analog” pull.

The Brawler64 is compatible with 1st party and most 3rd party memory paks.  Due to the wireless technology, the memory paks are loaded into the included wireless dongle and are not inserted into the controller itself.  For the same reason, rumble and transfer paks are not compatible with the Brawler64 Wireless Edition.

Reclaim your freedom.

No more tangled wires.  No more wrapping the cord around your controller.  Cut the cord and experience true range of motion.

With the latest in 2.4GHz wireless technology and a 10+ hour built-in rechargeable battery pack, you can game for hours from any seat in the house.



  • Compatible with Nintendo 64
  • Next Generation N64 Controller
  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless Technology
  • Wireless range of over 30 feet
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Updated “Z” digital triggers
  • Battery life of 10+ hours
  • Ultra-fast turbo function
  • Compatible with memory paks
  • Responsive analog stick
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Includes USB-C charging cable
  • Color-matched dongles


22 Reviews

  • 5
    Brawler Wireless N64 Controller

    Posted by Regan Mc Mullan on Feb 23rd 2022

    Amazing! It’s too bad this wasn’t available 20 years ago!

  • 5
    Amazing Wireless 64 Controllers

    Posted by RC on Jan 6th 2022

    Other than Stone Age forgetting to include one of the controllers I purchased (got 2 of them, which they remedied quickly!), these controllers work great and have amazing battery life. They are very responsive especially when charged, so if you noticed they are getting less responsive would definitely charge them.

  • 5
    They nailed it!

    Posted by Joshua Callaghan on Jan 1st 2022

    I thought they blew my mind producing the wired controller only a couple years back but this is bananas! Everything about them is fire the colors r dope, the feel is comfortable. They definitely niced it!

  • 5
    Retro fighters wireless controller

    Posted by Jacob C. on Dec 29th 2021

    This controller works great so far. I did notice it's a bit confusing with pairing multiple controllers at once, but as long as you pair them individually theres no issues.

  • 5
    Great controller

    Posted by Reviewer on Dec 27th 2021

    Been using the purple controller, looks rad. Thumbstick works well, the buttons are nice, and it syncs up easily.

  • 2
    Could have been great.

    Posted by Justin B on Dec 27th 2021

    This controller has a lot of hype building it up. A company that seems to have a decent reputation behind it. Not to mention a passion for retro gaming. However, that doesn't amount to much for this product. I bought two of them, the Ultra and the Red variants. I'm sad to say they were a let down.

    The packaging is fine, and kind of fun to open. In it you get the controller, the receiver, some booklets and a nice key chain matching the color you choose.

    When you take the controller out and hold it for the first time? You're greeted with a weird feeling of familiarity and a foreign presence at the same time. It takes the N64 layout and "modernizes" it. It honestly feels really great to hold in hand. The receiver is of nice quality as well. It goes in the N64 system with ease, and doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. With that in mind it comes out when you want it to without much of a struggle. Huge positive there, unlike its competitors.

    However, that's where the positives end. The overall build quality of the controllers felt cheap. The buttons, when clicked, had more of a knockoff third party feel than anything considered premium. The d-pad is probably the best on a third party controller. If not for the fact that it doesn't sit on a rocker like the original N64 controller, so you can press it in and activate all four buttons at once. It's a lot easier and more of a nuisance than you'd think.

    The shoulder buttons really do leave a lot to be desired. This is where it feels cheapest. The bumpers have very little give to them, and sound very hollow and feel flimsy. The triggers are my biggest gripe. They bottom out too quickly, but also have more room for movement at the bottom. If you're like me and apply a fair bit of pressure to your triggers, you can feel it giving way and I honestly feared I'd break the triggers with normal usage.

    The analog stick feels great to use. It's pretty responsive. However, it's not very grippy. I found my thumb slipping off the stick fairly often in titles like Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time. It felt great to use in shooters like Perfect Dark and Turok.

    My biggest and foremost complaint about this product? Dropped inputs. In a game like Mario Kart where you hold R to drift, or Z for your items.. It's important that the sustained inputs are not dropped. Unfortunately this controller does just that. Or even Goldeneye where you can hold R to "free aim". Sniping in that game shouldn't be this much of a chore. I'm not the only one who experienced this issue.

    I reached out to Retro Fighters about this issue, but was met with silence. No response after a while. I know, it's the holidays.. but I sent them an e-mail about that issue with plenty of time for a response. It's unfortunate, because this controller really could be a top contender.

  • 5
    Amazing controller

    Posted by JT Carte on Dec 8th 2021

    This controller has so many positives its such an amazing product.

    Lag is inperceivable, my favorite game to test this on is Ocarina of Time which plays beautifully. The buttons and everything has such a nice feel.

    The stick is quite amazing. Compaired to my steel stick controller this is just as responsive and feels better.

    Lack of rumble is the only con but to give that up to have this beauty of a controller is a no brainer for me!

    Id recommend this to ANY N64 gamer!

  • 5
    Beautiful Design

    Posted by CESAR ZURITA on Nov 11th 2021

    Beautiful Design. Comfortable and easy to adapt to all the games. The sensitivity is a bit high for some indivisuals. Battery life is great and easy to charges with the C type USB. Cable is included.

  • 3
    Not my favorite...

    Posted by Adrian B Diaz on Nov 7th 2021

    This controller does not feel great to me personally. The plastic feels cheap and the buttons are not as satisfying to press. While the layout is *thumbs up emoji*, I've had a lot of issues with sustained inputs while playing Mario Kart 64. During my playthroughs of multiple cups, the controller would randomly drop my drift while pressing and holding A+R and hitting left and right on the analog stick. While most will probably not notice this within other games, it heavily affects games like MK64 and Diddy Kong Racing. All of this to say that it is probably fine for casual sit downs but not great for input heavy extended plays.