Brawler64 Wireless Edition for Nintendo 64 - Retro Fighters

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Brawler64 Wireless Edition for Nintendo 64 - Retro Fighters

The controller you've been waiting for...

With its 2.4Ghz wireless technology, built-in rechargeable battery, and updated features and design, the Brawler64 Wireless Edition is the retro gaming controller you’ve always wanted.

Beauty is in the details.

The Brawler64 Wireless Edition, along with wireless dongles, have been meticulously designed to match the gray and transparent colors of the Nintendo 64 console.

As with the retired colors of the original Brawler64, the transparent colors of the wireless Brawler64 are extremely limited. Once they sell out, they will be gone for good.

Changed, but still the same.

The Brawler64 Wireless Edition still has the same great shape and ergonomic design you know and love.  Aside from the technological advancements, we’ve made some subtle changes to improve your gameplay.  After much feedback from the retro gaming community, we’ve upgraded the feel of “Z” triggers to have a more “digital” press versus an “analog” pull.

The Brawler64 is compatible with 1st party and most 3rd party memory paks.  Due to the wireless technology, the memory paks are loaded into the included wireless dongle and are not inserted into the controller itself.  For the same reason, rumble and transfer paks are not compatible with the Brawler64 Wireless Edition.

Reclaim your freedom.

No more tangled wires.  No more wrapping the cord around your controller.  Cut the cord and experience true range of motion.

With the latest in 2.4GHz wireless technology and a 10+ hour built-in rechargeable battery pack, you can game for hours from any seat in the house.



  • Compatible with Nintendo 64
  • Next Generation N64 Controller
  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless Technology
  • Wireless range of over 30 feet
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Updated “Z” digital triggers
  • Battery life of 10+ hours
  • Ultra-fast turbo function
  • Compatible with memory paks
  • Responsive analog stick
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Includes USB-C charging cable
  • Color-matched dongles


40 Reviews

  • 5
    Easy Setup. Functions with Transfer Pak. Would Recommend.

    Posted by Duffy G. on Jun 28th 2024

    It works out of the box with my N64, functions well with my Transfer Pak, and mostly works on my PC with a USB converter.

  • 2

    Posted by Disappointed on Jun 14th 2024

    After reading the reviews, I bought 2 of these controllers thinking it would be a great wireless solution to the N64. However, these controllers were quite disappointing. These controllers disconnect quite frequently from the receiver and have to reconnect and pair every 5-10 minutes or so. The d-pad however feels pretty spot on. The plastic feels kind of cheap, but I don’t mind so much as long as I could play mostly interrupted. Unfortunately this is not the case.

  • 5
    Makes the OG Controller look silly

    Posted by Ben on Jun 8th 2024

    Look no further. These are great controllers. Battery charges hold are great and it never ran low on me. Overall, I`m very happy with them.

  • 4
    Ultra Edition - Excellent controller / no Rumble

    Posted by Andrew on Apr 11th 2024

    Ordered and received 4x Ultra Edition (very expensive postage to Australia). Opened one up, super excited, and was surprised by how light the controller felt, almost like it didn`t have a battery in it. Charged it up with the included USB-C cable, paired it and gave it a run. Pairing was quick and easy, no issues with reconnection in subsequent sessions or with either UltraHDMI or N64Digital consoles (some wireless controllers apparently have reconnection/pairing issues with HDMI-modded consoles when the TV/display is already on when turning the console on, but wasn`t the case for these). Also, UltraHDMI and N64Digital hotkeys work without issue (some wireless controllers/adapters apparently prevent the use of these hotkeys) so accessing the OSDs or using IGR is fine. Not long too after playing some games from my EverDrive64-X7, I realised why the controllers are lighter than I expected; they don`t have integrated rumble functionality (or support for a Rumble Pak) - I was really disappointed. I`m not sure how, but I must`ve confused the Ultra Edition with the NSO Edition which has integrated rumble. If you want a wireless Brawler64 with rumble functionality, you`ll have to buy the more expensive NSO Edition plus a suitable wireless adapter with rumble support (such as a BlueRetro) as well - heads-up for this; BlueRetro mult-adapters only allow a single NSO controller to connect, so you`d have to go with individual BlueRetro adapters per NSO Edition controller for each player if that would be your configuration. Ending on another positive: the interchangeable stick gate on the Ultra Edition is an excellent feature, I prefer some games with the octagonal gate and some with the circular gate and it`s great to be able to change it on the fly without swapping to another controller.

  • 5
    Legit controller

    Posted by Alton Engelman on Feb 18th 2024

    I`ve never liked 3rd party controllers until this one. Very spot on and as accurate as the original from what I can tell. Takes a little to get used to since i was fine with the original 3 handed controller but wireless is so much better.

  • 5
    These work great

    Posted by Josh on Aug 4th 2023

    These controllers work great. Nice feel buttons are responsive and the joycon is smooth. Very nice for switching between new controllers and the n64 controller although ypu do loose a little nistalga factor.

  • 5
    Absolutely love this controller

    Posted by Josh on Jul 12th 2023

    This controller is awesome makes it supper easy and comfortable to play, very responsive and well built. Although you do loose some of the nistalga effect not using on original controller.

  • 5
    Retro Fighters Brawler 64 Wireless N64 Controller

    Posted by Matthew Elkin on Apr 4th 2023

    This controller plays so smooth and is great for any player who likes wireless! I truly recommend!

  • 5
    Brawler 64

    Posted by Tavis Hendry on Mar 9th 2023

    Very impressed with the product equally impressed with how quick i got my controller from stone age, so well done there. Works well so far, only gripe is theres no rumble but lets be clear thats nothing to do with stone age gamer. I`ve gotten 2 everydrives from here before as well :) super service as usual , customer service is key and will bring me back anytime even if sometimes there deals elsewhere, service is worth it trust me.