Retail CD Jewel Case for Sega CD, Saturn, and PlayStation

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Retail CD Jewel Case for Sega CD, Saturn, and PlayStation

These painstakingly recreated longbox jewel cases have been manufactured in the US to the standards of the original cases and are made of the same material. They are the perfect way to make your Sega CD, Sega Saturn, or PlayStation 1 long box games look new again.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to their fragile nature and the challenges of shipping these cases, some may have minor scratches or imperfections.  This is due to the way the manufacturer packages them and is against our control.  We will not send a case if it has a major flaw, but some minor scratches may be visible, which may not be noticeable once you put the artwork in the case.  We cannot cover shipping for returns on this item that have minor condition issues, only for obviously broken or cracked cases.  


4 Reviews

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    Good replacements; not ideal for collectors

    Posted by Nathan I. on Apr 2nd 2023

    It`s really nice having these cases as an option to replace your broken or cracked ones. But for those looking for pristine cases that are 100% flawless, you may be disappointed since these ones are thinner and have minor imperfections due to the nature of the plastic. Regarding how these were packaged, they were packed very well and suffered no damage so you will have no worries there.

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    Surprising option to replace old cases

    Posted by Leonardo Pilatti on Dec 20th 2021

    I replaced 2 old Sega CD cases. Honestly, in 2021, this was the only place I found the option without having to spend several hundred of dollars for a dozen cases. It has a similar material and looks as good as the ’92 original ones.

    Considering the cost/benefit, replacing an old case from the ‘90s yet very hard to find, buy and run.

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    looks good, but feels cheap.

    Posted by Cory Etzel on Aug 4th 2021

    They look good on a shelf, but these cases feel much cheaper than the originals. The plastic is sharper on the edges, and the front half is much looser and swings open if you tilt it downwards.

    Considering that just 1 of these winds up being $20 after shipping I'm not very impressed with the quality of them, but it's the only option nowadays so it's what we have to deal with.

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    Sega Saturn CD Jewel Case

    Posted by Ken Pomroy on May 28th 2021

    This is a great product. I had to replace some of my old Saturn jewel cases that were cracked and worn out from usage and moving. These made everything as good as new.