PSIO Switch Board Kit

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SAG031385 (AA-4)
PSIO Switch Board Kit

Intermediate Modification

WARNING: This product is NOT plug and play out of the box and DOES require modification to the PlayStation console to operate. Returns due to a failure of understanding this will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and no refund on shipping costs. We consider this an Intermediate Level modification. Meaning only those with some experience modding, soldering, etc. should attempt this modification. Stone Age Gamer, nor the manufacturer will warranty modifications that are not done by a approved modding service provider. If you do not feel comfortable modding the system yourself we highly suggest either using an approved modder (we offer this service for $49.99) or purchase a pre-modded system HERE.

This is the PSIO Switch Mod only. This does not include the PSIO unit.

What’s Included?

  • Switch Board Kit (Switch Board, 90 CM of Kynar Wire and a Label),

PlayStation Model Compatibility List:

  • SCPH-1000
  • SCPH-1001
  • SCPH-1002
  • SCPH-3000
  • SCPH-3500
  • SCPH-5000
  • SCPH-5001
  • SCPH-5500
  • SCPH-5501
  • SCPH-5502
  • SCPH-5503
  • SCPH-5552
  • SCPH-7000
  • SCPH-7001
  • SCPH-7002
  • SCPH-7003
  • SCPH-7500
  • SCPH-7501
  • SCPH-7502
  • SCPH-7503