PS2 Action Replay Max

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PS2 Action Replay Max

The ultimate code system for the Playstation 2 awaits your control. Action Replay Max for Playstation 2 offers more than 30,000 ultimate codes for PS2 titles - the largest library of specially created codes. Max strength, max ammo, infinite health, extra vehicles and secret characters are all yours to command. With the Action Replay download network, you can easily download the latest codes for newly released titles to stay up to date. You can even have your PS2 system automatically download the latest codes from the Codejunkies website every time your system boots up. (Broadband connection required) Included in the software is a powerful memory card manager that frees up more space on any memory card. The DVD movie player allows you to watch movies on your PS2. Action Replay Max is also compatible with Playstation 2 Slim.

Product Features
  • Preloaded with over 30,000 powerful cheat codes for the latest and greatest PS2 games. Blast your games wide open with infinite health and ammo, unlock characters, levels, vehicles and more.
  • Turn your PS2 into a multi-region DVD player and watch movies from other countries.
  • Pack up to ten times more data onto any memory card using the MAX Memory Manager feature
  • Download game-busting PS2 game saves direct to your memory card
  • Unrivalled code support – the fastest codes for all the biggest and best games.
  • Intuitive game-style interface that's a joy to use.