Pluto Digital HD Chip with Installation Service for Gamecube

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Pluto Digital HD Chip with Installation Service for Gamecube
THIS LISTING IS FOR THE INSTALLATION SERVICE PLUS HARDWARE for a GameCube Pluto Chip (Digital HDMI Port installed in Nintendo Gamecube). 
PLEASE NOTE: Your GameCube MUST have the digital video port on the back for this modification to be possible.  Consoles without this port will NOT work.  Please only send in the correct model. The Digital Port gets removed and the HDMI port replaces it.
Modding/Installation Services typically take 2 - 5 days from the time we receive the console. The return shipping cost of this service is NOT eligible for flat rate shipping (actual shipping will be calculated at checkout for return shipping service).

MOD CHIPS: Mod chips should have no affect on this modification. However, Stone Age Gamer offers no responsibility for a preexisting modifications. While rare, there could be a scenario where Stone Age Gamer has to replace your motherboard. We would not replace or reimburse the customer for any preexisting modification. If for some reason your modification is found to be incompatible with the product Stone Age Gamer is not responsible for replacing or reimbursing the customer.



Ship only your Nintendo Gamecube Console (please do NOT send AV cables, power cables, or accessories - make sure your gamecube has a digital port on the back) along with a printed copy of your invoice.  Please mail it to us at this address:

Stone Age Gamer - Mods
378 E. State St.
Salem, OH 44460

PLEASE READ: We highly suggest insuring your shipment to us. We are not responsible for any damage until the console is received and inspected. Your console must be in working order when inspected, a restocking fee may apply if the console is not functional when received. We only provide the installation of the Pluto Chip product.  If you would like some other services such as an ultrasonic cleaning please order them separately.  


About Pluto Chip

 Uses GC Video 3.1 (latest current version) 


  • direct digital video output with no analog intermediate for best quality
  • optional linedoubler to convert 240p/288p/480i/576i modes to 480p/576p
  • optional scanline overlay with selectable strength hybrid factor
  • SPDIF digital audio output
  • user-friendly on-screen configuration
  • on-screen menus controlled with a Gamecube controller or an IR remote control
  • (certain boards only) auxillary analog video output


  • Linedoubling of 480i/576i modes looks very ugly. If your display accepts these modes directly, it is recommended to not use linedoubling for them.
  • The primary target of the project is the DVI output, the analog output (if available) is purely a "bonus feature". Some DVI output settings may disable certain analog output options.
  • Although GCVideo tries to make the output signal as standards-compliant as possible, some homebrew software uses video parameters that are too far away from normal video standards to correct them. Such homebrew software may not work with some displays.
  • GCVideo does not attempt to read the capabilities of the display, so it is possible to set the output to something that the display does not support, resulting in a corrupted or no picture.

5 Reviews

  • 5
    Best way to replay the gamecube

    Posted by Josh S on Jun 6th 2024

    This makes the gamecube look great and awesome for playing on modern tvs! Absolutely love this mod!

  • 5
    Awesome upgrade

    Posted by Josh on May 10th 2024

    Absolutely love this upgrade! Great picture quality and awesome look! Definitly worth it.

  • 5
    Solid product

    Posted by Maxwell on Sep 28th 2023

    HDMI install was better than expected, works absolutely flawlessly

  • 5
    Pluto digital with install

    Posted by Alex on Mar 12th 2023

    Clean install. If you don’t have the equiptment or skills required to install yourself SAG was fast and professional. The mod itself is amazing! True HDMI on the cube is awesome and brings it into the modern day. Noticeable difference from AV to HD. If your curious it’s worth it.

  • 5
    Perfect HDMI for GameCube

    Posted by Troy B. on Jul 9th 2022

    Works perfect to hookup to modern TV’s, install service was fantastic.