Neo2USB Ultra Low Latency Neo Geo Controller Adapter for MiSTer FPGA & PC - Retro Frog

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Neo2USB Ultra Low Latency Neo Geo Controller Adapter for MiSTer FPGA & PC - Retro Frog

Do you wish you could use your original Neo Geo controllers on the MiSTer console? Now you can!

The Neo2USB is a ultra low latency DB15 to USB converter. It uses the open source daemonbite firmware and provides on average 1ms latency. Provides all 4 directions, Select, Start and the 4 action buttons. This does not support 6 button arcade sticks! For those you would need to solder a couple wires and reflash the firmware.

Compatible with the original AES Neo Geo Stick, the CD pad and the bean shaped Controller Pro. Should also work with all 3rd party Neo Geo controllers. 

Kit comes assembled and ready to use. Just plug your Neo Geo controller into it, plug it into your MiSTer and map out your controls like you would with any other controller. No special setup required. Compatible with all cores.

For this, I designed a 3d Printed enclosure with custom interface board to Arduino Pro Micro and short microUSB cable. The microUSB cable is captive so it can't be lost. Can easily be replaced if needed.

Neo2USB uses the open source daemonbite firmware.  Also works on PC.  

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    Worthy add-on for my mister!

    Posted by Luis Rodriguez on Aug 29th 2023

    Recently the Neo-Geo core was updated and it is working spectacularly on the Mister FPGA. So, I finally got around to using this and it works great! I paired it with my original AES stick and have no issues here! Everything works as it should. I recommend you get this for your mister as there is no SNAC support for the mister pertaining to the Neo-Geo. The response time is the same as original hardware as I own a real AES! Trust me, this is a MUST solution that is available now.