JagNet Network Interface for Atari Jaguar - Humble Bazooka

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JagNet Network Interface for Atari Jaguar - Humble Bazooka


The JagNet allows you to network two or more Atari Jaguar consoles together and play multiplayer compatible games like BattleSphere. The JagNet has two onboard RJ11 sockets that work with the official JagLink Interface, JagLink II, or other JagNet adapters.

If you don’t have a JagLink, JagLink II, or Catbox you will need to order at least two JagNets to network two Atari Jaguars together.

What’s Included:

  • 1 JagNet


  • Network 2 or more Atari Jaguars in a daisy-chain network.
  • Compatible with the official JagLink, JagLink II, and other JagNet adapters.
  • Same features and compatibility as the JagLink II.
  • Compatible with all Jaguar games that support networking.

Compatible Games:

  • Aircars (up to 8 Jaguars)
  • BattleSphere (up to 16 Jaguars)
  • Doom (up to 2 Jaguars)

Catbox Compatibility

The JagNet is compatible with the Catbox in two configurations:

  • Using the JagNet through the Catbox’s DSP port.
  • Using the Catbox’s RS-232 port. This requires a custom RJ11 4-wire to RS-232 wire.

RJ11 to RS232 wiring:

JagNet RJ11Catbox RS-232
Pin 2 (Rx) Pin 3 (Tx)
Pin 3 (GND) Pin 5 (GND)
Pin 4 (GND) Pin 5 (GND)
Pin 5 (Tx) Pin 2 (Rx)

The JagNet is not compatible with the Catbox’s CatNet ports.


  • You need at least two Atari Jaguar network interfaces (JagNet, JagLin, JagLink II etc) in order network at least two Atari Jaguars together.
  • Requires a 4-wire telephone wire (not included).
  • Physical appears and product info subject to change prior to release
  • Doom has a well documented bug in its net code that causes stuttering and restarting of the level. This is not a JagNet related issue but an issue with the original Doom code.

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