FRAM Memory Chip + Installation Service for Sega Saturn

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FRAM Memory Chip + Installation Service for Sega Saturn

This listing is for the Installation Service and hardware of the FRAM permanent Memory upgrade.  This is a Mail-In Service that requires your console be sent in.


Your console will be modified with FRAM memory, which does not require the system battery to hold any data.  It is a permanent solution, you will never lose your Save Data with this modification. 



The Sega Saturn normally uses a battery to power it’s real-time clock (RTC) and normally also uses that same battery to power the memory chip that contains your save games.  When this battery dies (and it does often) you normally lose both the clock settings and all of your save game files!  The FRAM Solution eliminates this problem by using a type of memory that does not require any battery power to keep your data alive (the clock will still depend on the battery to save your time settings).


PLEASE NOTE: Modding/Installation Services typically take between 1 - 3 weeks from the time we receive the console. The return shipping cost of this service is NOT eligible for flat rate shipping.



You may send console in at anytime after purchasing or if you want to wait we automatically e-mail you once stock is about to arrive.

Ship just your Saturn with invoice to:
(please no AV cables, power cables, or accessories)

Stone Age Gamer - Mods
378 E. State St.
Salem, OH 44460

PLEASE READ: We highly suggest insuring your shipment to us. We are not responsible for any damage until the console is received and inspected.  Please Do NOT ship your console to us without purchasing this service first.


7 Reviews

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    Great Service

    Posted by Kenny on Feb 26th 2024

    Well worth the $. Fast turnaround time and system works great after service.

  • 5
    Saturn Memory Upgrade

    Posted by Brant on Jul 22nd 2023

    I tested this on one game (Shining Force 3 Scenario 1) and it works just fine. The turnaround time was remarkable (less than two days)!

  • 5
    No more lost saves!

    Posted by Shawn on Jan 5th 2023

    Mod install was reasonably priced with fast turn around. The cleaning option was well worth it too. Really happy my saves will no longer rely on a battery which won`t last.

  • 5

    Posted by Stephen on Dec 31st 2022

    This mod is totally worth it. No more having to transfer my saves to the action replay so I don`t lose them. Turnaround was insane once they received the console (1day). Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Fast and easy

    Posted by Andrew Staten on Nov 11th 2022

    I tried to do this multiple times, and was getting the technique wrong. I have the proper tools, and still somehow messed it up, twice! I sent it in, they did the mod in one day, and sent it back. It works like a charm, the friend I'm doing this for will be very pleased! I will likely get Stone Age Gamer to do this again, if/when I get my own Sega Saturn.

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    FRam Service

    Posted by Erik Hendershot on Nov 1st 2022

    These guys are awesome. I drove two hours to their shop in Salem from Elyria. I was fully expecting to drop off my Sega Saturn for FRam installation and drive back after it was finished. Instead, they asked if I can wait... they'll do it on the spot. Just looking around the shop is an experience, especially the "console museum" they have. Highly recommend.

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    Above and Beyond Service

    Posted by Saturn Guy on Dec 16th 2021

    Stone Age Gamer went above and beyond the service. They not only installed the FRAM mod but they also grepaired the cr2032 slot on my Saturn. The solder joint was previously not connected to the motherboard but they fixed that too and it wasn't even part of the expected service. Thank you so much. I have more Saturns to get the mod installed so will be using them every time in the future.