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Operating System | Release Notes

Operating System

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Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v2.15 10/12/2023 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.14 06/11/2022 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.13 05/23/2022 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.12 12/18/2021 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.11 12/27/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.10 11/21/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.09 10/25/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.08 05/23/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.07 05/16/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.06 01/18/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.05 01/11/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.04 01/11/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.03 01/05/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.02 12/23/2019 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.01 12/17/2019 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.00 11/28/2019 Pro [DOWNLOAD]

Release Notes:


  • Any ROM can use own custom mapper. Important feature for modern homebrew games which uses own custom mappers. This feature allows the ROM to be supplied along with the mapper file, without the need to integrate the mapper into the cartridge software. Just put mapper *.rbf file along with ROM file in same folder and this rbf will be used instead of regular mappers pack. rbf file name does not matter if folder contains single rbf, otherwise rbf name should match to the ROM name.
  • Menu dialog for deleting empty folders
  • Old saves exporter removed. If you migrate from OS v2.12 or older version and you have made game saves, then better to install OS 2.14 befor jump to 2.15 in order to export old save files to the new folder structure.
  • System folder hidden in file browser. Access to the folder via main menu
  • n163 audio fix by Navidon1147
  • New mappers: 14, 29, 43, 63, 81, 114, 116, 120, 121, 123, 125
  • New mappers: 166, 167, 224, 263, 268, 286, 319, 521, 551, 555
  • Fixes for mappers: 45, 150, 176, 243
  • Support for edlink-n8 v1.0.0.6
  • EFU installer support. Future OS versions will be distributed as single-file efu update. Efu update can be installed right of the cart menu.


  • Save state fixes
  • VRC4 max CHR size fix
  • Implemented unused in official games VRC6 features
  • Swapped A/B functions in NSF player
  • FDS audio included to the NSF player


  • Changes in folders structure. Each game has own subfolder where stored all data related to it (saves, cheats etc.) All game data located in EDN8/gamedata
  • Update for mappers: 4, 1, 198, 90, 245, 74
  • New mapper 192
  • Virtual DIP switch function for NWC 1990 and others
  • Cheats access from in-game menu
  • Per-cheat on/off switch
  • Improved recently played menu
  • Fixed false firing of save state combos in some games
  • State recovery option always turned on
  • Minor fixes and changes which i didn't logged


  • Fix for MMC5
  • Fixed cart button hook for in-game menu
  • Fix for mapper 90
  • Included mapper 209
  • In-game menu remember the last selected item
  • State recovery option. 99th save slots turn into recovery slot. Before than new save data will be written to the any of save slots, old save data from current slot will be copied to recovery slot automatically.


  • Included YM2413 core update from Necronomfive


  • In-game reset function
  • Fixed bug with swapped A/B in "In-Game combo" menu


  • Saves management changes. System will move save data from battery ram to SD card every time when cartridge boots to menu (instead of moving when game changed). 
  • Save states changes. It makes save system more clear and prevent loss of data for last played game if battery dries out.
  • Included 4K extra ram for mapper 195 at $5000-$5FFF.
  • For mapper 159 max PRG size expanded to 4MB.
  • Improvements for MMC5.


  • New mappers: 104, 153, 155, 157, 159, 170, 210, 262, 290, 516
  • EEPROM save for mapper 16, 157, 159
  • "Boot Last Game" option. At cold start last played game will be launched automatically. Use reset or in-game menu for return in menu.
  • *OS will reset settings to default at fist boot


  • MMC5 ExRAM fix by domgetter
  • Fixed stuck at the end of level 4-4 in SMB2
  • New mapper 218
  • Fixes for mappers 28, 15
  • Fixed volume control for NSF player
  • Alternate FDS bios support. Store your bios file to EDN8/disksys.rom File should be without 16 byte nes header
  • IRQ and sram mapping fix for MMC5


  • Many mappers were accidentally removed from previous release


  • Fixed broken nsf player


  • New mapper 194
  • Save state improvements
  • Fixes for mapper 189
  • Fixed disk error problem related to fds images with extra headers


  • New mappers: 208, 195, 261
  • Changed FDS autoswap controller. 
  • Fixes for mapper 99, 198, 4


  • Menu controls via controller port 2 and famicom 15 pin expansion port
  • Crop FDS image size if not matches to expected size. Fixes auto swap errors
  • Fixed mirroring mode for Family Stadium
  • Forced assignment to map 0 for "3-D Block (Asia)"


  • New mapper 389
  • Fixed mapper 119
  • Forced Q Boy remapping to map 141
  • Included support for NES2.0 large mapper numbers (over 255)
  • This update no longer supported with edlink-n8-v1.0.0.0


  • Release.



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