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Operating System | Release Notes

Operating System

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Version Release Date Compatibility Download
v2.11 12/27/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.10 11/21/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.09 10/25/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.08 05/23/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.07 05/16/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.06 01/18/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.05 01/11/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.04 01/11/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.03 01/05/2020 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.02 12/23/2019 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.01 12/17/2019 Pro [DOWNLOAD]
v2.00 11/28/2019 Pro [DOWNLOAD]

Release Notes:


  • Included YM2413 core update from Necronomfive


  • In-game reset function
  • Fixed bug with swapped A/B in "In-Game combo" menu


  • Saves management changes. System will move save data from battery ram to SD card every time when cartridge boots to menu (instead of moving when game changed). 
  • Save states changes. It makes save system more clear and prevent loss of data for last played game if battery dries out.
  • Included 4K extra ram for mapper 195 at $5000-$5FFF.
  • For mapper 159 max PRG size expanded to 4MB.
  • Improvements for MMC5.


  • New mappers: 104, 153, 155, 157, 159, 170, 210, 262, 290, 516
  • EEPROM save for mapper 16, 157, 159
  • "Boot Last Game" option. At cold start last played game will be launched automatically. Use reset or in-game menu for return in menu.
  • *OS will reset settings to default at fist boot


  • MMC5 ExRAM fix by domgetter
  • Fixed stuck at the end of level 4-4 in SMB2
  • New mapper 218
  • Fixes for mappers 28, 15
  • Fixed volume control for NSF player
  • Alternate FDS bios support. Store your bios file to EDN8/disksys.rom File should be without 16 byte nes header
  • IRQ and sram mapping fix for MMC5


  • Many mappers were accidentally removed from previous release


  • Fixed broken nsf player


  • New mapper 194
  • Save state improvements
  • Fixes for mapper 189
  • Fixed disk error problem related to fds images with extra headers


  • New mappers: 208, 195, 261
  • Changed FDS autoswap controller. 
  • Fixes for mapper 99, 198, 4


  • Menu controls via controller port 2 and famicom 15 pin expansion port
  • Crop FDS image size if not matches to expected size. Fixes auto swap errors
  • Fixed mirroring mode for Family Stadium
  • Forced assignment to map 0 for "3-D Block (Asia)"


  • New mapper 389
  • Fixed mapper 119
  • Forced Q Boy remapping to map 141
  • Included support for NES2.0 large mapper numbers (over 255)
  • This update no longer supported with edlink-n8-v1.0.0.0


  • Release.



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