Evercade VS Console - Premium Pack

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Evercade VS Console - Premium Pack

The Evercade VS Premium pack contains: the Evercade VS Home Console, 2 Controllers, and both the Technos Arcade Cartridge 1 and Data East Arcade Cartridge 1


  • 2 Controllers and 2 games included
  • 1080p output for modern HDMI TVs
  • Compatible with over 24 Evercade cartridges
  • Save your game with multiple save states
  • Supports 8,16 and 32 bit officially licensed games
  • Multiple screen ratios and filters
  • WiFi built in

Not compatible with Namco Museum 1 and 2 (Handheld exclusives)


3 Reviews

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    EverCade VS

    Posted by Joshua C Smith on Mar 30th 2024

    This is such a fun system! Cartridges are unique and you don`t really see them on other systems. I do have some odd issues that pop up like random system freezes. I am starting to believe the issue may just be my device being faulty.

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    Evercade Vs

    Posted by Ryan on Oct 7th 2023

    This is a great option to play retro and indie games in 2023! The controllers feel very nice, the cartridges are high quality, and the console itself is as well. It fits in very well with my entertainment center. I would like to see ``per-game`` control mappings, but that`s more of a firmware issue than an issue with the system. Overall a great experience and the best (and sometimes only) way to get physical versions of most of these games!

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    Easy and fun way to play some classic 80s-90s games

    Posted by Bruce R Clarke on Jun 15th 2022

    I received a "Premium" bundle with an additional 'Intellivision 1' cart yesterday. I've tried out several of the included games - including the arcade version of Lock N Chase which I've never tried before.
    I have to say I am really impressed. The way the menu system works and the options available is very slick.
    I'd read a few comments that some folks thought the cartridge door or the controllers were a bit lightweight and flimsy, but I think they're perfectly fine as is; and the controller feels solid with just the right heft for me. Heck, even the cardboard box and cartridge packaging seem well-thought out and nicely made.
    Overall I like the Evercade VS a lot. I wasn't a believer when the handheld came out, but the console is really great. I am sure I will buy more carts - in fact I ordered the Atari Arcade collection this morning.