Evercade VS Console - Premium Pack

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Evercade VS Console - Premium Pack

The Evercade VS Premium pack contains: the Evercade VS Home Console, 2 Controllers, and both the Technos Arcade Cartridge 1 and Data East Arcade Cartridge 1


  • 2 Controllers and 2 games included
  • 1080p output for modern HDMI TVs
  • Compatible with over 24 Evercade cartridges
  • Save your game with multiple save states
  • Supports 8,16 and 32 bit officially licensed games
  • Multiple screen ratios and filters
  • WiFi built in

Not compatible with Namco Museum 1 and 2 (Handheld exclusives)


1 Review

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    Easy and fun way to play some classic 80s-90s games

    Posted by Bruce R Clarke on Jun 15th 2022

    I received a "Premium" bundle with an additional 'Intellivision 1' cart yesterday. I've tried out several of the included games - including the arcade version of Lock N Chase which I've never tried before.
    I have to say I am really impressed. The way the menu system works and the options available is very slick.
    I'd read a few comments that some folks thought the cartridge door or the controllers were a bit lightweight and flimsy, but I think they're perfectly fine as is; and the controller feels solid with just the right heft for me. Heck, even the cardboard box and cartridge packaging seem well-thought out and nicely made.
    Overall I like the Evercade VS a lot. I wasn't a believer when the handheld came out, but the console is really great. I am sure I will buy more carts - in fact I ordered the Atari Arcade collection this morning.