Custom Label Specifications & Information

Custom Label Design Specifications

How are the labels made?

Stone Age Gamer has the ability to do custom labels in-house. First we print your design on to sticky-back vinyl using an Epson SureColor P600 printer. We then laminate it using a satin finished lamination film. Finally we put it into our cutting machine, which uses a computer controlled (very sharp) blade to cut the label from the laminated vinyl.

What are my options?

For custom labels you can either submit a completely original design or you can also submit a background design. If you submit a background design we will replace just the background image of our current label design. Leaving the logos and other top-level design elements in-place.

Where do I get the Asset Packs?

Asset Packs will be automatically e-mailed to the customer when a customer orders a corresponding Customized flash cart with a customized label.


  • Stone Age Gamer can NOT legally print labels which contain copyrighted material or trademarked logos. The only exceptions are the product trademark (i.e. “Mega EverDrive”), "Stone Age Gamer" trademark, "KRIKzz" trademark, or a trademark or copyright which you own or have a license to use. You may create your own version of the product trademark, but it must be followed by “TM” to signify it is a trademark. Please understand that you do not own or have any rights to the product trademark beyond personal use for this custom label. Stone Age Gamer Retroworks, Inc. ("Stone Age Gamer") owns the rights to the trademark and is giving you permission to use it for personal use. In the case of trademarks or copyrights owned by the customer, Stone Age Gamer claims no right of ownership or license.
    • Examples of copyrighted material: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, etc.
    • Examples of trademarks: SEGA, Nintendo, etc.
    • Examples of trademarks you own: company name, YouTube channel name, original art created by you.
  • You are NOT allowed to redesign the “Stone Age Gamer” logo or the “KRIKzz” logo, you must use a design provided in the assets pack.
  • While it is not required to include the product name (i.e. “Mega EverDrive”) on the label we will not allow you to re-brand the product in a confusing manner. For example, you cannot submit a label for the “Mega EverDrive X3” and misleadingly mislabel it (i.e. “Mega EverDrive X7”) or completely rename the product to something else (i.e. “Ultra Mega Drive”).
  • Labels must be provided in PNG format in the specified size with the specified bleed in 300dpi or 600DPI.
  • Stone Age Gamer will not print labels that we deem vulgar. This includes nudity, hate symbols or anything else Stone Age Gamer does not deem appropriate.
  • Stone Age Gamer will not produce bulk custom labeled flash carts for the purpose of resale. However, we can create bulk custom labeled flash carts for purposes of give-a-ways, prizes, or gifts.