EverDrive64 Label

Final Label Dimensions

  • Width: 2.16" (54.864mm)
  • Height: 2.44" (61.976mm)
  • Bottom Corner Radius: 0.15" (3.81mm)

Label Artwork

  •   Artwork with Bleed
    • Your background design must fill the yellow area even though it exceeds the cut line. This is called bleed and allows for slight shifting during the cut process.
    • Custom art must have a 0.063" (1.6mm) bleed. Below is a design template. A bleed is required due to possible shifting during the cutting process.
    • Width: 2.285" (58.039mm)
    • Height: 2.565" (65.151mm)
  •   Cut Line
    • This is where the label will be cut.
    • Dimensions match the "Final Label Dimensions" above.
  •   Safe Zone
    • The Safe Zone is where it is safe to place all logos, text and other import design elements. Placing these elements outside the Safe Zone is not suggested because those elements may get cut because they are too close to the edge.
    • The Safe Zone is 0.063" (1.6mm) inside the Cut Line.
  •   Light Pipe
    • Ignore the light pipe area unless you are designing a label for the Ultra EverDrive64 v3.X for a cart which will have a light pipe.
    • Please refrain from putting any important elements in the light pipe area if you are designing a label for a Ultra EverDrive64 v3.X with a light pipe.

EverDrive64 Template


DPI stands for dots per inch. When thinking of it with raster artwork it would be pixels per inch. We suggest artwork be at least 300dpi. An easy way to convert inches to pixels is to multiply the inches by the DPI. For example, if you want to design artwork that is 3.25 inches wide in 300dpi you would multiple 3.25 x 300 = 975. This means your artwork should be 975 pixels wide.