Console "RetroBright" De-Yellowing Service + "Ultra Sonic Cleaning" + UV Protectant

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This service is intended to bring back the natural color if you game console.  Yellowing is generally caused by the ABS plastics that were used back in the 80's and 90's which were "brominated" - combined with bromine as a fire retardant to meet fire safety standards.  Yellowing is caused by both bromine and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.  This process for removing the yellowing uses a mixture of hydrogen peroxide along with U/V lamps to bring the yellowing out*. 


Your console will also be ran through our "Ultra Sonic Cleaner" which removes all the dirt and grime that gets on the surface of your console.  

Lastly, we add a UV Protectant spray which will guard against future fading / yellowing due to UV light, and also gives the console a nice glossy sheen!  


Ship just your Console with invoice to:
(please no AV cables, power cables, or accessories)
Stone Age Gamer - Mods
378 E. State St.
Salem, OH 44460


*There is still some debate over the long-term effectiveness of this technique. There are also some concerns that the process weakens the plastic.  We cannot guarantee this process to have long term effectiveness, nor can we guarantee the plastics will not be weakened.  Please use this service at your own risk, as we cannot be held responsible for future problems you may have.  



8 Reviews

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    Custom GC

    Posted by Roberto on Apr 10th 2024

    Love it! Feels like a new system and works adequately.

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    Nice add-on to mod-builder

    Posted by Nate on Sep 24th 2023

    Added this to my GameCube mod-builder order. It`s a nice peace of mind addition when you`re looking to use the console for years to come. The shell looks cleaner and sleeker than my OG console so they definitely do a nice job of ``de-aging`` the case.

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    Posted by Orlando on Apr 29th 2023

    I loved how my Dreamcast came out. Had it in storage for about 3 years. Was yellow like a banana, along with the controllers. The people at Stoneage did an amazing job and the experience was wonderful. Polite. Punctual and professional. Kept me in the loop with good communication. Awesome customer service. Got my console back pretty quick to. Would 1000% recommend.

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    Dreamcast: RetroBright + UltraSonic Cleaning + UV Protection

    Posted by Arthur Gilmore on Jul 31st 2022

    I recently sent my Dreamcast into SAG for an entire suite of service; full recap, DCdigital installation, and more. I didn’t think much of adding the retrobright + ultrasonic cleaning + UV protection at the time I created my order, but I sure am glad I included it. My Dreamcast was returned in a state that both looked and felt better than when I first set it up back on 9/9/99. The original shell is exquisitely clean and all the long years of use through college and adulthood looked like they never happened. This service is the icing on the cake that is my fully modded Dreamcast. If you’re having SAG service any of your consoles and this service is available to you, I highly recommend you spend the extra cash for it. You won’t regret it!

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    GameCube Service

    Posted by Tony Escobar, Jr, MD on May 22nd 2022

    Superb service added on to an already outstanding experience. My new modded GameCube looks OUTSTANDING! Thank you!

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    Worth every penny

    Posted by Chris V. on Apr 9th 2022

    My Dreamcast was looking a little long in the tooth and now looks incredible. Really happy I went with Stone Age Gamer.

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    One of My Favorite Services Available on This Website

    Posted by Pedro on Nov 24th 2021

    If there is one thing that I would absolutely recommend to anyone it would definitely be this service. I have tried retrobrighting my own consoles before, but the cost of buying large amounts of hydrogen peroxide made it prohibitive for me to do it constantly. With the cost of this service being cheaper for me than buying the H2O2 it is a no-brainer for me to decide what to go with. Also, the ultra sonic cleaning removes dirt in hard to reach places better than when I would scrub it out by hand.
    I've used this service with two of my own consoles and even some consoles I've given to friends and I have never been dissatisfied with the results. However, I would not recommend it for handhelds or controllers only because the UV protectant gets on my fingers after rubbing the plastic for a little bit.

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    Retrobright & ultrasonic cleaning

    Posted by Andrew on Aug 28th 2021

    My Super Famicom was promptly taken care of and shipped back to me looking new! I didn't send it in the worst condition, but it definitely had some discoloration including some yellowing around the middle, and it came back gray like it's supposed to and without any dirt anywhere. Thank you!