Coffee Crisis - Sega Genesis Homebrew

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Coffee Crisis - Sega Genesis Homebrew

Coffee Crisis is an arcade-style beat 'em up full of caffeinated carnage! This is a full scale release for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, packed with classic gameplay and an extra espresso shot of action!

  • Single player and local co-op campaign
  • 7 caffeinated power-ups to keep your alien-bashing blasting on all cylinders
  • 8 challenging bosses
  • Visit real Pittsburgh locations and areas!
  • Charge-up attacks, suplex throws, and high-test weapons!
  • 12 professional metal tracks

Crush alien overlords with metal-fueled, caffeine aided combos to save Earth’s most precious resources - free wifi, heavy metal, and coffee! Feel their extra-terrestrial flesh rip to shreds as you crank the alien cries to 11!  

Save the planet, save the wifi, save the metal, save the COFFEE! 

*This game is Region Free. It works in JP, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM regions

2 Reviews

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    Not going to change the world

    Posted by Jay on May 10th 2021

    honestly, this isnt the best game you will find for the genesis, especially at the price.
    The game itself is a pretty standard beatemup (although the difficulty level is ridiculously high). Not sure if it was the graphics themselves but it looks glitchy to me. Didnt give the game a ton of my time with the great library you could be playing instead. Leave this one to completionists.

  • 2

    Posted by Simon Graveline on Apr 25th 2021

    The hitboxes are so small that it's hard to hit enemies. You have to be perfectly aligned to hit them. A shame because everything else is good.