Bloodborne - The Card Game

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Bloodborne - The Card Game

Your fate awaits in the Chalice Dungeon. Will it be glory or death?

Bloodborne: The Card Game  designed by Eric M. Lang and based on Sony Entertainment and FromSoftware's hit video game Bloodborne for the PlayStation 4. In it, several Hunters will enter the Chalice Dungeon, but only one will be able to escape the victor. Round after round you'll face off against brutal creatures bent on destroying you. It will require cunning decisions and careful timing to avoid death. Along the way you'll find powerful weapons and equipment that will aid in your quest. As you dispatch the monsters in battle, you'll earn rewards of Blood Echoes and Trophies. Bank your rewards and heal by resting in the Hunter's Dream or you could risk losing points and even death. Bloodborne: The Card Game is a challenging, tactical game. You'll need to be able to read your opponents and make split second decisions if you want to earn the most glory in combat. Only the brave will have a chance to escape!

  • 87Cards
  • 5Hunter Boards
  • 5Hunter Health Dials
  • 75Blood Echo Plastic Tokens
  • 16Cardboard Tokens
  • 3Custom Monster Dice
  • 1Rulebook
  • Battle Terrifying Beasts
    Battle Terrifying Beasts
    Each time you delve into the dungeons you'll see a different combination of monsters and bosses. These creatures have strengths and abilities that will keep you up at night.
  • Fight for Your Life
    Fight for Your Life
    As you face off against monsters and bosses you'll take some damage. Take some time to rest up and heal or you risk losing some progress...and your life.
  • Collect Your Rewards
    Collect Your Rewards
    When you have a hand in dispatching one of the monstrous denizens of the Chalice Dungeon, you'll receive Blood Echoes and Trophies worth end game points. The more damage you do, the more blood you'll earn!
    • 30-60 min
    • 3-5 players
    • 14+
      14+ years old