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The EverDrive GG X7 Has Arrived

The EverDrive GG X7 Has Arrived

Kris Randazzo
2 minute read

The Game Gear EverDrive is about to get an upgrade here at Stone Age Gamer. Say hello to the EverDrive GG X7.

Like the original EverDrive GG, the new X7 plays all your favorite Game Gear ROMS on your original hardware without the need for emulation or modding. What more do you need an EverDrive to do? Well, how about this?

The new EverDrive GG X7 is a heck of a lot faster. Larger Game Gear games that took close to a full minute to load up on the original EverDrive GG now load in a flash (pun intended) on the X7. That means less waiting and more playing.

And speaking of playing, even Gunstar Heroes, a game the original EverDrive GG struggles with, loads up and plays just fine on the X7.

But wait, there’s more! How about save states? Handheld games in particular sometimes need to be stopped at a moment’s notice, and if you’re not careful, progress can be lost in an instant. Save states solve that problem, allowing you to instantly save and load your games at any point in time.

How about in-game menus? With the new EverDrive GG X7, you no longer have to back out of your game to load a different ROM. This is also perfect for those aforementioned save states, and creating and loading them on the fly.

The EverDrive GG X7 is the ultimate Game Gear flash cart. If you’re a fan of the platform, this is for you.

Get yours here!

EverDrive-GG X7 (RGB Stripe)

EverDrive-GG X7 (Black)

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