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Restock Update 5/6/2020

Restock Update 5/6/2020

Kris Randazzo
4 minute read

“When will you be getting more?” “When will you be selling this?” “How much longer?”

Our most frequently asked questions are about when we’re getting certain items back in stock, or when we will be carrying new products. In an effort to try and make this information a bit more accessible to people, we are going to be introducing new ways for you to find the answers you’re looking for.

In the near future, we will be setting up a page on our site that will be regularly updated with estimated shipping times for our most popular products. 

For today, we’re going to give a status rundown on a handful of products we've been getting a lot of questions about. As you can probably imagine, supply lines have been affected by the global pandemic, and while everyone is doing their best to keep things coming at a normal pace, some items are taking a bit longer than usual. We appreciate your patience, and we hope to keep this information as regularly updated as possible.

NOTE: All of the information posted here was gathered on 5/4/2020. Also, most of these are estimates, and all times are subject to change.

Here we go!

Terra Onion

Super SD System 3 - This is probably our most asked about item. Right now, we’re expecting to be restocked in 2-4 weeks.

NeoSD AES/MVS - Both versions of the NeoSD are estimated to arrive in 3-6 weeks.

MODE - We don’t have any new information on MODE yet, but if you’d like to be updated on new info as we get it, sign up here!


EverDrive N8 Pro - Our initial stock of these things sold through remarkably fast. Fortunately, restock isn't too far off. If you have an existing preorder, we expect to have yours shipped out in 1-3 weeks. If you’re placing a new order now, the estimated wait time is 3-6 weeks.

EverDrive N8 Pro (Famicom) - We should see more of these slightly sooner. The ETA is currently 2-4 weeks.

EverDrive 64 X7 - Current pre-orders and new orders are expected to arrive in 1-2 weeks.

EverDrive GG X7 - Like the N8 Pro, our first batch sold through very quickly. We expect to have a fresh restock of these in 1-2 weeks.

EverDrive GBA X5 “V2” - There’s some confusion out there regarding this thing and what exactly it will be called. Krikzz has been working on a smaller version of the GBA EverDrive that fits in a standard sized GBA cart and has hard gold on the contacts. An official product name has not been announced at this time, nor has any sort of proper release date. As soon as we have any new details, we will pass them along.

FX PAK Pro - We expect current pre-orders and new orders to arrive in 3-6 weeks.


NeoPocket GameDrive - These guys were a big hit, selling out in one day! There's more on the way though. If you pre-ordered before April 28th, those units are expected to arrive in the next 1-3 days. Any orders placed after that date should arrive in 3-6 weeks.

Atari Lynx GameDrive - We don’t have anything to announce regarding this product yet, other than that we do plan on carrying it.

Atari Jaguar GameDrive - Just like the Lynx GameDrive, we don’t have anything to announce regarding this product yet, other than that we do plan on carrying it.

Other Stuff

PSIO - We’re expecting to be restocked in 3-6 weeks.

Sega CD Backup RAM Cart - We know the wait has been pretty long on these, and unfortunately it seems they’re still 2-3 months out. If we get any updated information, we will let you all know.

PowerBase FM - These also are still about 2-3 months out.

As stated above, this information is accurate as of 5/6/2020. If you’re reading this weeks, months, or years later, things have likely changed. For more information regarding product ship dates, you can still reach out to us on social media or contact us at [email protected]. Stay safe, everyone! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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