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SAG Episode 290: Sorry, I Was Vaping

SAG Episode 290: Sorry, I Was Vaping

Kris Randazzo
1 minute read

2020 in preview

Show Notes

With the new year upon them, Dan and Kris (or is it Kris and Dan?) take a look ahead with their 2020 year in preview. Kris has a few titles he’s looking forward to, but faced with an onslaught of high priority titles headed Dan’s way, how will he choose what to play? 

In the top half of the show, “Dan” discusses the recent Puzzle and Dragons outage, and what he did to cope during this difficult time. Kris, on the other hand, moved around to Ring Fit Adventure, made some fish with LABO, laughed at the new West of Loathing DLC, and more!

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