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  • Revisionist History
    Jul 17th 2019

    Revisionist History

    The Switch Lite is real! Sure, it was a pretty poorly kept secret, and its reveal was basically a gi

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  • SAG Episode 262: Grassketball
    Jul 12th 2019

    SAG Episode 262: Grassketball

    Show NotesDan and Kris finally kick off the Summer Series with Master of Darkness for Sega Master

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  • Secretive Sequels
    Jul 10th 2019

    Secretive Sequels

    Video games and sequels go hand in hand. 99 times out of 100, if a game is successful, it will get a

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  • Feeling Board: The Turbo Board Game
    Jul 3rd 2019

    Feeling Board: The Turbo Board Game

    I honestly didn’t think I’d be revisiting “Feeling Board” for quite some time, but I just so happene

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