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SAG Episode 281: Bubsy is Inevitable

SAG Episode 281: Bubsy is Inevitable

Kris Randazzo
2 minute read

Unnecessarily in-depth Bubsy talk

Show Notes

Dan and Kris bring their month of thankfulness to a close with Kris’s pick of an often overlooked SNES composer and a rather unexpected choice from Dan. Kris chose to profess his thankfulness for Japanese composer Soyo Oka, the woman behind the music in the original Pilot Wings, Super Mario Kart, Sim City, and Super Mario All-Stars for Super NES. As for Dan’s pick, well, you’ll have to listen to find out. At the top of the show, Dan postulates about what sort of crossover would get Kris to finally play PAD. Has he cracked the code? Then, Kris spent a whole lot more time with Bloodstained, took a trip into the weird world of Old School Musical, Super Mario Maker 2 made a return to near-daily play, and finally, Kris spends some quality time with his favorite bobcat, Bubsy. What did he think of his latest adventure from the creators of the Runner series? Find out now!

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