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Mysterious Box of Mystery Unboxing

Mysterious Box of Mystery Unboxing

Kris Randazzo
16 minute read

When you collect video games, sometimes the people you know will give you things they may not want anymore. Other times, they send you a box that's so full of magic and mystery, it takes four hands to open it. This time in Stone Age Gaming, Kris was joined by his daughter Ellie for an unboxing of strange and wonderful video game-related items that was sent to him by Ferg, the host of the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast. What strange and unusual items were contained within? Let's find out! 

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Transcript of the video:

Kris: [00:00:03] Hi there. Kris from Stone Age Gamer here and Welcome back to Stone Age Gaming. Now, this is a show that is focused on me spending time with and talking about the weird things. And I've amassed a my collection that I think are super interesting. Now, if you are also somebody who collects video game related things, chances are you know, somebody who has remembered that you do that and given you some stuff that they were otherwise going to throw away. Now I have a friend named Ferg. He's the host of the Atari 2600 Game by Game podcast. He's guested on the Stone Age Gamer podcast number of times. He's one of my favorite people on the planet. He's an excellent baker, and he just sent me a box of random stuff. I don't know what's in it yet. I have a few ideas from conversations I've had with him in the past, but I'm very excited to do an unboxing and see what's in it. And seeing as it's so big and so apparently full of stuff, it seemed like a really fun thing to capture on video. So this is going to be me unboxing a random box of stuff from my friend Ferg. Let's take a look.  

Kris: [00:01:08] Okay, here we are. This here is a box of nonsense that my friend Fergie sent me, and I'm actually here with my daughter to help with the unboxing. This is Ellie. Say hi, Ellie.  

Ellie: [00:01:16] Hi. 

Kris: [00:01:17] She's going to help me out and react to these things as I pull them out of the box. So, Ellie, what is the first item from the box? Well, we have Pacman Band-Aids.  

Ellie: [00:01:31] Those are weird.  

Kris: [00:01:32] They are, indeed. Let's see. They apparently cost a dollar. And let's see. It's a is this a full package? Are there ten, two, four, six? Yeah. These are ten functional Band-Aids. Well, thank you for. In case I get injured, I now have something to keep my blood where it belongs. All right, What's the next item? What is this?  

Ellie: [00:01:54] I don't know what that is. It's probably like something that you put your foot in.  

Kris: [00:01:58] No, it's. Oh, it's a it's like a grabber, like a fur grab. And it's. It's it's a silicone grabber thing.  

Ellie: [00:02:06] And it has, like, things inside that help you, like, grip on to it.  

Kris: [00:02:10] Yeah, it's the Pac-Man maze. Okay, that. That's precious. I love it. All right, next item. What's next? Look at this. Look at this. All right, so we got a weird little Yoshi figure. Yeah. Like a face. Like his face. This really looks like the Getty Show. This looks like the cartoon Yoshi. Let's see. 1997, Nintendo. APPLAUSE Okay, so it's from APPLAUSE The same ones that made my weird little Mario figures out and that other video. And yeah, he's. He's precious. All right. I like that. And he's going to stay up here with me. This is quite an unboxing. All right, What do we got here? This is quite an unboxing. What is this? This is. 

Kris: [00:02:56] Wind him up any gulps, gobbles and waddles on the ground. He's got the biggest mouth around, man. Look at this thing. Look at the weird face on him. Oh, my goodness. Besides Pac-Man, you can collect lots of other tell me toys. Like, get along gadgets. Oh, my goodness. Okay. Wow. That's awesome. I love this guy. I kind of want to open him, but like, I also kind of don't because he's still on the card for 299. That's that's fantastic. All right, cool. What's next?  

Kris: [00:03:27] Okay, this is a folder. What's in the folder? Oh, it's. Look, this is msde 3000. Now, Ferg knows I'm a big fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000. So what is in here? Oh, wow. This is like, where is this from? This is just a bunch of mystery science theater stuff. Oh, my goodness. It's like I have the old newsletters and stuff, Like it's got satellite news. This is just a folder full of awesome mystery science theater stuff. Oh, I'm going to read the heck out of this. I don't have any satellite news stuff. This is super cool. I'm a huge mystery science theater, man.  

Kris: [00:04:18] What? What is this? It's Mario's head on a rubber doily. What is this?  

Kris: [00:04:32] You don't put this attached anything. Is there anything else in the box? No. Okay. I don't know what this is. It's kind of terrifying. It's just like a disembodied mario head on a doily. It's like a cake topper or something. That's. That's really disturbing. Okay, He's going to look at me right over there. What do we got next?  

Kris: [00:04:53] Sort of a puzzle, I think. So it's like a Pez dispenser, The Pez dispenser. But for Smarties. But the Smarties are. Old and grows ill. Look at the smarties on the inside of there. They're all discolored. I don't know. Are they just colored or are they just like a different flavor? I didn't know Smarties could go bad, but that looks like smarties that have gone bad. How old is this? It's from 2001. So this is over 20 years old. So yeah, I guess if Smarties were ever going to go bad, that would take about that long. That's neat. I didn't know they made Smarties dispensers, so I guess it makes sense. They're chalky little things like Pez. Okay, cool. What's next? Those we got. Keep them covered. This is quite an unboxing.

Kris: [00:05:38] Trading card trades. National Safe Kids Campaign. Okay, so this is. Oh, this is so cool. I have some of these cards. These are. You're supposed to give these out instead of candy to trick or treaters, which, I mean, I guess that's kind of cool. Like, it is a cool thing on its own. I just imagine going trick or treating and not getting candy and being somewhat disappointed. But. Okay, look, I got two bags of these. They have the same cards and so they have the same sets of cards on the inside. Oh, I really want to open this up to see what's inside. But I think I might have all these cards loose somewhere. And it doesn't seem like there's that many per pack. Oh, this is so neat. And there's two of them. I'm actually half tempted to crack one of these open to give out to kids on Halloween this year. Let's see. How much do you know about safety? Take this test and find out. Circle the correct answer. Where are the answers? Okay, Ali, answer. When crossing the street, you should a cross from the middle of the block. B, go to the corner. Look left, look left, right, left for crossing. Or C, crossing between parked cars. That's the correct answer. 

Kris: [00:06:44] Left, right, left. 

Kris: [00:06:47] Answer B, It is very dangerous to cross anywhere except at a corner crossroads and to say B, You did. Look at you. You're so smart. Good job. All right, That's awesome. Bags of trading cards for trick or treaters. What's next? Oh, look, it's. It's like. Okay, okay, That's. 

Kris: [00:07:05] Cool. 

Kris: [00:07:05] Mario to collect all 16 sheets, one sheet of 14 tattoos. Oh, no, Not a stick of bubble gum. Oh, thank goodness it's been open. We opened up one of these packs on my last episode where we saw the gum was powdered and horrifying. So what do these tattoos really look like? Oh, wow. Look how cool these are. Oh, my God. Look at the pockets of mushrooms and coins from that coin, I think is Mario to that little mac looking like Sylvester Stallone. Kind of a spiny look at this weird length. He's got a brown coat on for some reason. Let sniff it, Mario on a skateboard princess Page one up. Believe Bill Mauser. This is awesome. I love this. I sincerely doubt these would actually still work as tattoos and I'm not going to test it. I'm not going to test that theory. All right. So I saw what was let me see those cars that were next to it. Oh, look at this. Mystery science theater trading cards. I didn't know that. I did not know these existed. What could be on these? Okay. All right, I'll buy it. It's open, so I'm going to look at it and see who did this, basically. Oh, so this is from when the Netflix show happened. Okay. And these are all eight classic episodes. Look at this. The Mads. We've got slime people. It's just like mostly mad scientist. This is great show. Oh, I love it. These are awesome. Okay, what about that? There was another. This. This. Here. These are the cards that are inside the trick or treating thing. Huh? All right. And look at that, Mario. Look at that, Mario. Look at his face. He looks all devious and stuff. That's wild Toad. Super happy. This is cool, Dara. Openness to see what's in it. I think I dare. Let's. Let's crack this thing. Let's. Let's crack this sucker. Let's see what's inside. What other cards are in these packs? We've got Mario. Zelda, too. Wow. I don't think I've ever seen that picture before. Look at this image resolved, too. This is so cool. That is awesome. And then they think, Oh, well, he's ready to move on to the next thing. This is quite an unboxing. I really enjoy these cards. These are super cool. All right. 

Kris: [00:09:22] After I show you the next thing, I'm going to see if I can do it. I'm going to see if I can do one of these. 

Kris: [00:09:29] Oh, okay. So two challenging puzzles because of Milton Bradley. All right, I'll buy. What's in this? What? What does this mean? Colors may vary. Oh, so it's just like you have these pieces and you have to try to make them into a Pac-Man out. There's one stuck in the back area. All right, So, Ellie, you're going to try to solve the Pac-Man puzzles? Yes. All right. I'll keep pulling things. I'll keep pulling things while you're solving the puzzle. All right. You're you're still on the you're you're on camera there if you want to. If you want to set up there. Let's see, what else do we have? We've got some Mario figures. We've got a gunman of a bomb. That's. These are always these are always great to have around. You never have too many. I like this bomb. I might try a tournament of Christmas ornaments. Them. That might be fun. All right, what else we got? What on earth is this? Eight bit art? Sticky note Art. Build a sticky note art character on any glass surface poster boards or on walls that are painted with the flat paint. Is this just like a bunch of Post-its that you can draw Mario for years with? Okay, so it's like kind of sort of sealed. I have that is exactly what this it's just a bunch of specific Post-it notes to make an eight bit. Mario Well, that's neat. He has has this puzzle going. I don't know if if, if you can't force it in there. I think it's the wrong piece. You got to find the right one. Heard. 

Kris: [00:11:05] What else we got? Mario Kart. We Mario building, sir. Oh, it's like a little mini connects. Mario, I had one of these. It was all gold. I guess this one looks not all gold. I am half tempted to open it, but I'm not going to give only that one sealed for now. I might open it later. What on earth is this? Zap packs a vice project. Do. What is this? What are these? Oh, it's. It's okay. It's like. All right, so I've got plenty of these card packs. We've opened these before, but what are these? I'm unfamiliar with these. This looks like garbage pail kids. Stupid moron brothers, too. Okay. Uh, scat. Vice Vice. Shadow of the moon. What are these from? Zap packs. I'm familiar with Zap packs. This I think I am. Little Ninja Brothers and Flying Warriors. Wow. This is so weird. This is quite an unboxing. What else we got in here? 

Kris: [00:12:06] Um, did you know that this is Pacman? A card game featuring the characters from the popular arcade game? Any way you add it up, Pacman equals fun, huh? Okay. There's no description on back. Uh oh. Here we go. Wow. This is. This looks complicated. Okay, so there's a bunch of these boards and then a deck of cards. Okay, so there's less in this box than I expected. And then we've got a bunch of number cards. And of course I can. Now that puzzle stumper. Yeah, that's pretty, pretty difficult. Are you supposed to be able to do all of them? Like, do they all fit? It doesn't look like it. It looks like. It looks like there should be much for Pac-man's total. Assemble for Pac-Man, then reassemble them to form three Pac-Man. Okay, so there's ways to do much more than three. Okay, so we got rules in here. It's two perplexing puzzles and one featuring everybody's favorite arcade character, Pac-Man. Here's the double challenge. A symbol for Pac-Man with mouths open in the top row. Oh, then reassemble the puzzle pieces to form three Pac-Man with mouths closed in the bottom row. Can you make a Pac-Man disappear? Good luck. Okay, so there's enough to do four open mouths and three closed mouth. Wow. That is kind of a challenge. But what's this card game all about? 

Kris: [00:13:45] This looks astonishingly complicated, and I don't think I'm going to try to learn how to play it here on the video, but it is awesome and I am very interested in figuring it out at a later date. Maybe I'll just do a separate video. I haven't done a board game video in a while, so maybe I'll do a separate video on this later. Kind of just the Pac-Man card game. Flipping. I love this, Milton. These old Milton Bradley packages, too. This is great. This is super cool. All right, let's see. We only got a few things lesson here. Oh, I know what that last one is. So let's see what this is, because I don't know what this is. Super star Mario and Princess Toadstool cross-stitch Elliot's cross-stitch patterns. Mommy does cross-stitch patterns row worthy. Whoa. That is. That is like this. Wow. Okay, so it's got all the DMC colors listed here, and it's just how to make these. Wow. That is. That's big. I think that would be bigger than the actual cross-stitch pattern with the framing jobs on these. So these are Nintendo. All right, So there's Mario and Turtle's Turtle. Oh, okay. And the rest of them look like they're all turtles. Yes. I love ninja turtles, man. Look at this. Slap. Slap me three, dude. Oh, these are great. I have no idea. Stuff like this even existed. This is fascinating. All right, that's awesome. Let's see, where was this? But it doesn't say where, but it was a dollar. Wherever this was purchased, it was a dollar. Who made these? I want to say scotch because of the plaid here? No, with plaid. What? Plaid enterprises. I've never heard of plaid enterprises, but. Well, I guess that explains the plaid. All right, Last thing in the box. We have this. The Ferg told me about this before. Hand that over to me, Ellie.  

Kris: [00:15:45] It's a Mario rolling pin, a Mario embossed. Rolling pin. Is this open? I have, yes. I have to see what this actually is like. What in the world? So this is for I guess, for making cookies. It's a it's it's. 

Kris: [00:16:21]  I have never seen that picture of peach before. Or I've never seen her with her hair like swoop in front of her. All the rest. This looks super familiar, but I don't think I've ever seen that specific picture of peach before. That's really neat. All right. 2017 Made in China. Well, there you go. All right. Well, that's a that's what was in Fergie's box of mysteries. Thank you for the assist, Ellie.  

Kris: [00:16:47] And there you go. That's the unboxing. And thank you for the box is wonderful. Never in my lifetime did I think I would own a Super Mario Brothers rolling pin. And yet here we are in this wonderful future where I own a Super Mario themed rolling pin. That was a box of madness. And I love every single thing in it. And I hope you all enjoyed seeing what kind of weird stuff is out there in the world, because I have never heard a lot of that stuff before, let alone seen it in person and now it's in my house and that is a wonderful thing. So thanks for watching everybody. If you liked what you saw here today, please follow comment like and subscribe. And by all means, check out the Atari 2600 Game by game podcast hosted by Fergie. It is a wonderful show that is just filled with heart and talking about it. Game by game, every single Atari game going way back. He's been doing it for years now. It's a wonderful show. I highly recommend checking it out. Let me know down in the comments if you have listened to our show or if you have seen or heard of these cross-stitching patterns of Ninja Turtles and Super Mario characters before, because I sure as heck haven't and I'm really excited to dive into I don't even know what I'm going to do with most of this stuff other than just love it for the rest of my days. Thanks for watching, everybody. On behalf of all of us here at Stone Age Gamer. Keep playing games. 

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