BitBox Game Boy Game Case

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BitBox Game Boy Game Case
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These are game cases specifically designed for all Game Boy systems (Original, Color & Advance). If quality matters to you then there is no better way to protect, store and show off your Game Boy game collection. These are high quality cases that hold the cart snugly, but also allow for easy removal.

Product Features
  • High quality and durability
  • Fits most Game Boy cartridges, but 
  • Fits most known Game Boy cartidges from the original, Color and Advance:
    • Game Boy
    • Game Boy Color
    • Game Boy Advance
      May not fit unusually shaped or thick cartridges such as WarioWare Twisted, Star Wars Episode One Racer, etc.
  • Optional documentation strap to hold manuals. Most manuals will fit in front of game carts as well, but will not be held in place unless you order the staps.
  • Bottom sealed clear insert pocket
  • Compatible with these EverDrives:
    • EverDrive-GB
    • EverDrive-GBA
  • Height: 5 1116, Width: 5 34, Thickness: 1316 (14.45cm x 14.61cm x 2.06cm)
  • Made in the U.S.A

PLEASE NOTE: Game and manual are NOT included. Cover art and documentation straps are only included if the option is selected.


  • Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing? Do you offer discounts over 100?
    A: The 100-pack pricing is our wholesale price, we can not go any lower than that price.
  • Q: Do you offer any discount if I order more than 100?
    A: No, our profit margin on the 50 and 100-pack is already razor thin. We can not discount them anymore.
  • Q: Do you offer discounts for stores, re-sellers, homebrewers and repro-makers?
    A: No, we no longer offer any discounts to stores, re-sellers, homebrewers, or repro-makers.
  • Q: Why is shipping so high? These are just simple little plastic cases.
    A: These are actually heavier than you think. The 100-pack weighs in at over 20lbs.
  • Q: Are documentation straps needed if I have manuals?
    A: No, most manuals will fit in front of cart. Documentation straps are for people who want the manuals to be held in place on the front cover.


Want to print your own cover art?
Want someone else to print your cover art?
Want to print your own cover art?
Want someone else to print your cover art?


12 Reviews

  • 5
    Perfect solution to your GB collection

    Posted by Steven Hawkins on Oct 14th 2021

    This was the perfect solution for displaying and storing my decently large GB collection. The boxes resemble the old Sega Genesis style clamshell cases but without the crappy plastic that always cracked on those. The material is more along the lines of what they used to use for big box VHS tapes. Very well made and they will keep your games in good condition for a long time. Much better than those crappy Universal Game Cases but you do pay a little more for each box. That being said, you can’t put a price on your retro game collection and investing a small amount of extra for some nice and stunning looking cases is worth the money.

  • 5
    I love BitBoxes!

    Posted by Daniel Zúñiga on Sep 24th 2021

    I found BitBox searching about retro protection and I bought my first cases lot. I'm really happy with this purchase and my games looks great inside them! I'll stick to BitBox for my other loose cartridges from NES, SNEs and N64.

  • 5

    Posted by A. Wise on Jul 26th 2021

    These cases are great, none of my original/GBA games, My Gameboy boxes didn't last over the years and this is a great and good looking way to store and display my games.

  • 5
    Great idea for storage and collectors!

    Posted by Leonard J Krolik on Jul 24th 2021

    It's great for GB/Color/GBA games and so durable! I actually created box artwork from the Cover Project myself to cut cost and have 65 boxes for GB/Color alone. Due to the age of the original boxes these look so much nicer!

  • 5
    Great cases

    Posted by Alexander Arce on Jul 17th 2021

    Keeps my Game Boy / GBA carts safe and secure and looks great on my bookshelves.

  • 5
    GameBoy Game Case

    Posted by D.C on Jun 12th 2021

    Really Great Product. Everything fits in the case perfectly, great build quality, very fast shipping, no problems at all. Great Product!

  • 5
    Great aftermarket cases!

    Posted by Jonah on Apr 28th 2021

    These game cases are really great for those loose game cartridges for your Game Boy, Color, or Advance. I'd say they're better than even the flimsy cardboard boxes that the games originally game in. My only gripe is the quality doesn't seem as good as the BitBox cases for the NES, SNES or N64.

  • 5
    Surprisingly Solid

    Posted by Kyle T on Apr 9th 2021

    I ordered a pair of these a few weeks ago to see if I liked the product before attempting to case my entire collection.

    The front and back covers feel strong and sturdy and it holds cartridges snugly without maintaining a death grip. I'd also give the Bitbox bonus points for feeling time-period appropriate. If GameBoy carts hadn't come in disposable cardboard, they probably would have been sold in something like this. Also, made in the US! Always a plus in my eyes.

    The interior is a bit flimsy, but that was to be expected. Also, REALLY not a fan of the hefty shipping prices fees on smaller orders. Lastly, this is a nitpick since it was never advertised as such, but these cases are noticeably larger than DS and 3DS cases so they're likely best displayed separately if you're the kind of collector that desires uniformity.

    All in all, quite pleased with my purchase and already waiting on another order.

  • 5
    Good Storage Solution

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 18th 2020

    These cases are a nice solution for storing your loose games. The cases are sturdy and well made, and in addition to holding your Game Boy games, they can even hold Atari Lynx carts as well.