BitBox Deluxe Case for Flashcarts

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BitBox Deluxe Case for Flashcarts

Deluxe BitBox Case for Flashcarts

Securely store your flashcart in a case designed to match its style and fit its cartridge perfectly.

Includes BitBox Case with full color insert, user manual, and stickers*

You will receive the exact same items that are included with a Deluxe upgrade from any of the basic flashcarts.  

Note: To choose more than 1 type of case please add each one to the cart separately.


* Mega SD case does not come with a manual or stickers.  NeoSD AES/MVS do not have a physical manual but still include stickers. SD2SNES Pro have an FXPak Pro manual.  Ultra EverDrive 64 do not have their original manual / sticker

21 Reviews

  • 5
    Perfect storage/display for your Everdrive

    Posted by Troy on Jan 28th 2024

    Very nice, high quality display box for your drive!

  • 4
    very good, some imperfections

    Posted by Rob on Nov 4th 2023

    I ordered the N8 NES Pro, FXPakPro, 64 X7, MegaSD, GameGear, GB and GBA bit-boxes. Each case protects the carts well and all the carts fit in snug. You cannot leave a dust cover/sleeve on the carts or the plastic cases for the hand held systems which is only slightly a bummer. The GBA case spine font is a bit strange compared to the others with its `shine fade` effect. They are all various but decent enough quality. Some close tighter than others and some open too easily and some are just rite. Some physically stick out more than others on the shelf particularly the N8 NES Pro and the FXPakPro. Kinda wish all the cases were Sega genesis like boxes with different internal inserts to keep the form factors all uniform. Lots of former empty space filled in with more plastic via the internals. Way more stable and long term lasting than the usual standard in cases, using eventual breakable clips holding the carts inside the mostly empty cases. Still happy with my purchase but I can see my shelf organization tactics changing in another decade.

  • 5
    Best Neo Geo Box Around!

    Posted by Steve Barbano on Apr 15th 2023

    Both the box and insert are excellent quality, I’d even go as far as saying these are better than the original Neo Geo softboxes! Would definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Great Quality, Perfect for Collectors

    Posted by Erik @ Under Logic on Feb 17th 2023

    These protective cases are both functional and great looking. Nice printed covers and glossy finish, hold the carts very snuggly and look great on a shelf.

    Get lots of compliments on them asking where I got them!

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew on Jan 4th 2023

    Very sturdy and well designed case for the everdrive. I feel very confident if I had to transfer the everdrive, it would be well protected.

    Also, the art work is top-notch - it is very beautiful, quirky, and whimsical.

  • 5
    Perfect case for the Game Boy Everdrive

    Posted by James T Suter on Dec 6th 2022

    The quality of Stone Age Gamer cases for all Everdrive cartridges is second to none. It seems like my Game Boy Everdrive was incomplete without it. I also really like all the inserts that come with these cases.

  • 5
    Perfect add on for your Everdrive

    Posted by Troy B on Sep 26th 2022

    Perfect for storing and displaying your Everdrive if you didn’t buy the deluxe version. Top quality and just looks good!

  • 5
    The Gold Standard

    Posted by Chris C. on Sep 25th 2022

    I've used these cases for years and I've never come across anything that tops them. A durable design and customizable cover art makes them perfect for flash carts or your game carts. Cartridges fit inside securely and they include a spot to hold any documents or manuals you have. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Amazing case!

    Posted by Denis on Sep 8th 2022

    Brought these for all my flahcarts and I could not be happier. Great look and great quality!