BitBox Deluxe Case for Flashcarts

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BitBox Deluxe Case for Flashcarts

Deluxe BitBox Case for Flashcarts

Securely store your flashcart in a case designed to match its style and fit its cartridge perfectly.

Includes BitBox Case with full color insert, user manual, and stickers*

You will receive the exact same items that are included with a Deluxe upgrade from any of the basic flashcarts.  

Note: To choose more than 1 type of case please add each one to the cart separately.


* Mega SD case does not come with a manual or stickers.  NeoSD AES/MVS do not have a physical manual but still include stickers. Ultra EverDrive 64 do not have their original manual / sticker

6 Reviews

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    A must have for your Flashcart!

    Posted by Jonathan Saini on Jan 2nd 2022

    When I got my first flashcart from Stone Age Gamer, I elected to get the standard edition and I always regretted it. Other flashcarts I’ve gotten later on, I always got the deluxe edition and I loved the high quality of the box and manual. I’m glad that there is a way to buy the boxes for the carts later and now all my carts have these really nice boxes for both display and protection.

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    Amazing Case Protector

    Posted by Richard on Dec 29th 2021

    I gotta say i was skeptical about this product, but one thing for sure that the people needs to know, is to keep in a dry place your everdrives within time it will get rusty and the pin connectors wont work properly , they can be fixed but you'll have to pay for it.

    Regarding the case ill say the Pros and Cons

    1.- Comes with an updated manual that is up to date to the current year and contains all the details needed to set up the ever drive
    2.- The case is plastic made and the cart fits perfectly on it.

    3.- You can fit also normal carts non everdrive which is a plus to me.

    1.- Some cases are defective and dont close properly but thats is a minor issue , it wont open that easy.

    Overall is an amazing product and i got 3 of them
    Sd2snes Pro Classic
    GBA Everdrive
    GC Everdrive

    Please dont hesitate and get all the cases you need you wont regret it

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    BitBox Deluxe Case for Flashcarts

    Posted by Alan s on Nov 27th 2021

    High quality, way better than i expected and its nice cause i have an eu and america shell, and they both fit into the case, well 1 at a time, its nice that its designed to be used with both style shells, The inserts were also very high quality.

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    Posted by Joe Watkins on Oct 15th 2021

    Great fit for my flashcarts. Shipping was fast, and customer service was great! Five stars!

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    I was skeptical, but ...

    Posted by Filippo Dinolfo on Sep 22nd 2021

    now that I have this case in hand, I can tell it was well worth it. It's a chonky clamshell that fits together tightly. The cart is snugged inside and held in with a good bit of friction. It's not likely to go anywhere. Plus, the label and documentation printing is top quality. It just feels like a quality case. Oh, and the Stone Age Gamer bonus sticker was a nice touch.

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    An awesome home for my orphan Everdrive

    Posted by Steve on Aug 28th 2021

    So happy to be able to pick up a couple of these awesome deluxe cases for the couple Everdrive carts I had sitting around without any proper storage. Keep up the awesomeness SAG!