Arcade Racing Legends - Dreamcast Homebrew

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Arcade Racing Legends - Dreamcast Homebrew

Arcade Racing Legends for Sega Dreamcast

Arcade Racing Legends for Sega Dreamcast Get your old Dreamcast’s engine warmed up and show off your driving skills as you take the wheel of one of the dozens of legendary cars included in Arcade Racing Legends game! At full speed, on an original soundtrack you will try to control your vehicle on 6 varied circuits (city, desert…).Face your friends in frenzied games thanks to the “Duel” mode or take up the challenges of the “Career” mode.Train and improve your skills to unlock additional features. Need more perfection? A Time Trial mode is here to let you know every turn on the joystick tip and take on your shadow!
Duel 2 players Career Mode Time Trial Race More than 15 vehicles 6 Circuits Original musics Electro, Punk/Rock Supports HDMI & VGA Cables REGION FREE


PLEASE NOTE: This is a produced on MIL-CD media (like all professional Dreamcast indie games) and might not be compatible with some Dreamcast consoles built after November 2000. Please check the manufacture date on the label on the bottom of your console before purchasing.