All-In-One Bluetooth Controller Adapter for CD-i

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All-In-One Bluetooth Controller Adapter for CD-i

From the manufacturer: 

We are fans of the Philips CD-i system who aim to keep the platform alive and usable using custom designed hardware. While CD-i systems are widely available there is a shortage of CD-i controllers. This makes it harder to enjoy CD-i titles today.

We had the idea to design a Bluetooth module for the Philips CD-i that acts as a controller on the input port to allow for standard Bluetooth controllers like the Xbox, Switch or PlayStation controllers to be used with CD-i devices.  We built an open source program for the Arduino platform to make this happen. It does require some custom hardware and soldering to work. This is why we designed a module to combine it all for a plug-and-play experience!

The CD-i Bluetooth Module is as simple as plugging in the cable to the box, put your controller into “pairing mode” and you are ready to play!
Just like the CD-i gamepad it supports the D-pad and 3 buttons, but with the additional joysticks to use just like the original remotes!

Works great with Nintendo Wii-motes as well!

We hope to bring a solution to expensive second hand controllers for all CD-i fans who want to play retro games or enjoy the plenty of other interactive CDs! We sell our boards at a small profit margin which we invest back into the community. If you have questions feel free to reach out to us!



  • Cable to connect to CD-i
  • CD-i Bluetooth Board
  • Arduino Nano IoT: programmed and installed
  • 3D Printed Case


Compatible with Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, 8Bitdo, and more!  


Which models of CD-i are supported?

The CD-i Bluetooth board uses the controller protocol and should work with most models of CD-i.

Confirmed to work:

  • Philips CD-i 205/00
  • Philips CD-i 210/00
  • Philips CD-i 210/40
  • Philips CD-i 220/20
  • Philips CD-i 220/60
  • Philips CD-i 220/80
  • Philips CD-i 370/00
  • Philips CD-i 450/00
  • Philips CD-i 470/20
  • Philips CD-i 605t/20
  • Philips CD-i 615/00

We suggest only purchasing this unit if your console model is listed above.   

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5 Reviews

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    CD-i BT adapter

    Posted by Theodore M Salamone on Jun 19th 2024

    As mentioned by others, the cutout for the 8 pin DIN plug is mismatched to the port itself, making a tight fit. The real problem is that the adapter is half-baked. A simple line of code in the firmware could make it compatible with just about every CD-i, perhaps all of them. My cd-i is on the ``official`` list, but it still did not work. I was able to force a soft reset on the console, which made the CD-i recognize the BT adapter. Before that, and it took many hours to research the issue, the adapter was useless and I was going to send it back. I learned how to do this from the original supplier of Genesis controller adapters for the cd-i, which are still available for sale.- no problems with them.

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    910 owners check your console

    Posted by Justin Brinnier on Mar 12th 2023

    I ordered the item which arrived fast. I paired up a Switch pro and an SN30 from 8bitdo successfully but there was no movement of the cursor on screen when moving the sticks or Dpad. Tried both front and back ports on the CDi 910 but did not work. Stoneage Gamer was on it. Sent me return shipping and called me as soon as they got the item. It worked on their CDi. Issued a return right away. If you have an old CDi that may have old capacitors it may not have enough power to push to the device. Customer service was perfect though.

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    CD-i wireless controller adapter

    Posted by Reviewer on Feb 12th 2023

    Works great. I only have one problem. The Hole on the back of the case is a little off center and plugging the wire into it is a little difficult.

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    Cd-i Bluetooth

    Posted by Cameron L on Jan 14th 2023

    This thing works great! Best option available for controlling the cd-i.

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    What an enormous difference

    Posted by Andrew Jackson on Jan 5th 2023

    I just played more CDi in one sitting by using a PS4 controller paired with this Bluetooth adapter than I have in the past ten years. I beat Mystic Midway, a game I never could advance past the first level. I didn’t realize what a world of difference a good controller would make on some of these games. Platformers were all but impossible even with the CDi “Gamepad” due to how imprecise the controller was.

    I then moved on to The Apprentice, a game where before I couldn’t get past the second enemy, (no kidding: the game was that difficult to control). Finding an official controller is hard enough and when you finally find one, it doesn’t work all that well. It’s unreal how much better these games play with this adapter.

    The only negative I can think of is the port is so tight I was afraid I would break something trying to get a decent connection with the cable. If you can get over the 3D printed case and the tight fitting ports this is a must have for every CDi owner. Highly recommended.