SNES-style USB Controller for PC - Tomee

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SNES-style USB Controller for PC - Tomee
PLEASE READ: This controller is for use on your Windows PC or Mac. It is NOT compatible with the SNES system or any famiclone system.
The Tomee SNES USB Controller lets you play classic arcade and puzzle games on your PC with ease. Featuring an eight-way directional pad and six digital buttons, the Tomee SNES USB Controller lets you play classic arcade and puzzle games on your PC with ease. Its USB connectivity makes installation a snap on a PC or a Mac.
Product Features
  • Eight-way directional pad and six digital buttons
  • Convenient plug-n-play USB connectivity
  • Works for PC and Mac
  • Requires PC running Windows 98 SE or later, or Mac running OS X 10.0 or later

4 Reviews

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    Good controller for the price

    Posted by Dallas on Jun 22nd 2021

    This is a good controller for the price I paid, feels light which usually means cheap but the buttons feel quality, they don't feel mushy and have a decent click to them and have a quality feel to how they press, same with the shoulder buttons and D-Pad. Hopefully it will last. Nice long cable. Works in Linux.
    It amazing how weell they imitated the actual SNES controller, same exact size and the buttons are pretty much exactly the same color. Only difference is the color behind the Y X B and A buttons is different and no Nintendo name on the controller just a blank oval where it would say Nintendo on an official Nintendo brand SNES Controller.
    Not bad for the price and at least I can now play games on my Laptop without using the awkward arrow keys making maze games a lot easier to play.

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    Review from Thomas Sekosan

    Posted by Thomas Sekosan on Jan 11th 2015

    This controller for the PC/Mac is great if you want to use a controller for SNES games or even use it for NES or even Gameboy! The flaws are that the L & R buttons are too loud when clicked in a certain way and the dpad is fairly solid

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    Review from Eric Coley

    Posted by Eric Coley on Feb 9th 2014

    I originally bought this from Amazon from a different seller, but all I got was a knock-off and one of the buttons didn't work. I ordered it from Stone Age Gamer, and I got EXACTLY what was advertised. This controller is a good one, and I'd recommend it!

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    Review from A

    Posted by A on Aug 7th 2013

    I purchased this controller for use as a gamepad on my PC. It was instantly recognized by my Windows 7 box and worked without any additional mapping/configuration. While the controller itself is very light, the buttons have good action and the dpad is fairly solid. I would think the only thing that would be better would be if you modded a real SNES controller to utilize a USB connection.