Sega Nomad LCD modded System

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Sega Nomad LCD modded System

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a Mega EverDrive Pro or Mega SD you will need to choose the CD Audio Mod option if you want to enable the CD audio for this system.  By default the Sega Nomad is not capable of producing the CD audio without this modification. 


This Sega Nomad System has been modded with a brand new 3.5" TFT LCD monitor which greatly improves the quality compared to the outdated original screen.  

The system has been cleaned and a brand new glass screen lens has been installed.

These are used systems and may have some minor blemishes, please see pictures for condition.  


Optional Modifications include adding Master System support (Compatible with PowerBase Mini and flashcarts that support Master System games) and CD Audio support (Compatible with Mega EverDrive Pro / Mega SD) 


We provide a 90 day warranty on these units, and will offer paid support beyond the 90 day warranty if you ever need repairs (email us for details).  


*Pictured Game not included (for display only), power adapter or battery pack required but sold separately.  

*Video Footage is not from actual system being sold, but a similar system with the same hardware.