The Stone Age Gamer Advantage



Unlike most other EverDrive re-sellers our cartridge shells are cut using a computer controlled router. Most others are hand cut. This means our cuts are cleaner and much more accurate.


We are based in and ship out of the U.S.A. After receiving the PCB from the manufacturer in the Ukraine we manufacture all our carts here at our Salem, Ohio facility.


We use high quality materials. High quality marine grade vinyl coat, aluminum screws to prevent corrosion, machine/die cut labels, and more...


We offer a 1 year parts & replacement warranty* on all flash carts or 3 year parts & replacement warranty* on all Deluxe and Custom Edition flash carts.


U.S.-based customer service. Have a problem with your flash cart? E-mail us or call us and we will help you quickly. We respond to e-mails within 1 business day.


There is no other re-seller that allows you to customize your flash cart like we do. Get just the cart with the Basic Edition, get a complete package with the Deluxe Edition or get it exactly how you want with the Custom Edition.

* If at any point in time KRIKzz halts production of the flash cart line of products or ceases doing business this warranty is null and void.