Replacement Controller Silicone for GameCube

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Replacement Controller Silicone for GameCube

These Game Cube Replacement Controller Silicone buttons allow you to replace your damaged or old controller silicone in your original Game Cube controller.

Revive your worn out d-pad and buttons and get back in the game!

3 Reviews

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    GameCube button silicone

    Posted by Alex on Mar 12th 2023

    Good replacement to worn out or destroyed originals.

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    Good for ABXY and Start buttons

    Posted by Dillon on Oct 14th 2022

    Mixed results: The membranes for the ABXY and start buttons were a big improvement over the old, worn-out ones in my controllers. Unfortunately, the d-pad membrane just doesn't register button presses consistently. The RL trigger membranes were just OK.

    In my case, the ABXY button membranes were the ones that really needed replacement, so this product did the trick.

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    Works great OR poorly depending on what part you need

    Posted by Shad0WeN on Jun 27th 2022

    I purchased this to replace old worn down membranes for the ABXY buttons and D-Pad in the hopes of resolving issues with reliability & responsiveness of the aforementioned controls. The membrane for the ABXY buttons works great but the one for the D-Pad is absolutely atrocious and makes it highly unresponsive and unusable to the point where it is actually far worse than the original worn part. I've tried a few and have yet to find an aftermarket membrane that works well for the GameCube's D-Pad. I did not replace the membranes for the Start button or L/R shoulder buttons so I can't comment on those.