PSIO + Modding Service Bundle

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PSIO + Modding Service Bundle

SD Card

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Modding Service typically takes 1-3 weeks from the time the console is received until it is completed and shipped back out

MOD CHIPS: Mod chips should have no affect on this modification. However, Stone Age Gamer offers no responsibility for a preexisting modifications. While rare, there could be a scenario where Stone Age Gamer has to replace your motherboard. We would not replace or reimburse the customer for any preexisting modification. If for some reason your modification is found to be incompatible with the PSIO switch modification Stone Age Gamer is not responsible for replacing or reimbursing the customer. 


Ship just your PlayStation console with invoice to:
(please no wires or accessories)

Stone Age Gamer - PSIO
378 E. State St.
Salem, OH 44460

PLEASE READ: We highly suggest insuring your shipment to us. We are not responsible for any damage until the console is received and inspected. Your console must be in working order when inspected. We are not a repair service, we only provide the modification. Do NOT ship your console to us without purchasing this first.


PSIO is simply a development cartridge that plugs into your PlayStation’s Parallel I/O Port. It allows you to instantly see your software running from an SD Card on real hardware, making it the ultimate developers tool, as well as making it invaluable for debugging.


  • Invasion from Beyond
    Invasion from Beyond
  • Motor Mash
    Motor Mash
  • Shadow Madness
    Shadow Madness
  • One
  • Street Racer
    Street Racer

  • Officially Licensed From:Piko Interactive

You understand that in order for PSIO to work with your system, a Switch Board needs to be installed on your mainboard. If you require this to be done for you, please purchase a “Mainboard Modification Service”. Please also note that PSIO will not work on systems without a “Parallel I/O” port.

What’s Included?

  • PSIO Cartridge (Boxed, Shrink Wrapped and framed internally with a Molded Plastic Insert),
  • Switch Board Kit (Switch Board, 90 CM of Kynar Wire and a Label),
  • Documents (Quick Start Guide).

PlayStation Model Compatibility List:

  • SCPH-1000
  • SCPH-1001
  • SCPH-1002
  • SCPH-3000
  • SCPH-3500
  • SCPH-5000
  • SCPH-5001
  • SCPH-5500
  • SCPH-5501
  • SCPH-5502
  • SCPH-5503
  • SCPH-5552
  • SCPH-7000
  • SCPH-7001
  • SCPH-7002
  • SCPH-7003
  • SCPH-7500
  • SCPH-7501
  • SCPH-7502
  • SCPH-7503


A) PIRACY – Stone Age Gamer Retroworks, Inc. ("Stone Age Gamer") does not support or condone piracy. Flash carts, ODEs (optical drive emulators), and similar devices Stone Age Gamer sells and supports are intended to be used only for the following purposes: development, playing games licensed by Stone Age Gamer for use with the product, and/or playing currently owned personally backed-up games and media where it is legal to do so. Stone Age Gamer does not offer support for any other use of this product.

B) PERSONAL BACK-UPS – In many territories it is legal to make back-ups for personal use and/or archival purposes, however it may not be legal in all territories. Please learn the national and local laws regarding this subject before making back-ups for personal use. Please note, in most territories "Personal Back-up" means exactly that; back-ups you made yourself of games you currently own. This often does not include back-ups obtained via other methods (i.e. downloading), even if it is a game you physically own.

C) DAMAGE – Neither Stone Age Gamer or the manufacturer is responsible for any damage of property this product may cause. This is a new product intended to be used on electronic hardware that exceeds two decades in age and Stone Age Gamer can’t guarantee the condition of such hardware. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

D) MODIFICATION & USE – Any unauthorized modification and/or non-intended use of this or any other flash cart product sold by Stone Age Gamer shall void both manufacturer and retailer warranties of that product.

E) CLONE / MODIFIED CONSOLES – Flash carts / ODEs were developed and intended to be used on un-modified original hardware using original hardware accessories. Stone Age Gamer does not guarantee flash cart / ODE operation on clone consoles or modified consoles. Flash carts / ODEs may operate on some clone consoles or modified consoles. However, due to power consumption changes, random hardware changes and/or firmware updates of those consoles we cannot offer a guarantee of flash cart compatibility. Any returns due to incompatibility with clone consoles or modified consoles will result in no refund of any shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee if no defect is found during testing.

6 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome service - above and beyond!

    Posted by Mike Lindquist on Aug 28th 2021

    Not only did S.A.G. do a great job installing my PSIO, but after running into some odd issues with my initial unit (which was no fault of theirs), they were amazing and were able to replace mine when I sent the first one back to them. It's been treating me fine ever since (over 1.5 years at this point!) & living that ODE life with my 90s disc-based consoles is so nice and convenient/worry-free :)

  • 5
    PSIO install went smoothly!

    Posted by Robert M on May 18th 2021

    I had SAG install a PSIO for me a while back and the install went flawlessly. I was sent the login information for the firmware updates, and have had 0 issues updating and using the product.

    This was the original ODE for the PS1, and while new ones exist (MODE and XStation) this one doesn't need to have the CD Drive removed so I can still play my original games.

    If you're looking for a pure ODE solution and don't want to use actual discs, I'd go for the other options. But for me, I'm still using this system a bunch since I still own a good number of the games I grew up with.

    Good soldiering work by SAG, and it's never bugged out or anything.

  • 5
    Phenomenal service

    Posted by Eric Evans on Sep 3rd 2020

    Product was sent back quickly, modded and working perfectly, highly recommended. No more switching disc to enjoy your collection. If you're an amateur at soldering this is the best option in my opinion

  • 5
    Great service and are extremely willing to help.

    Posted by Richard Perez on Feb 14th 2020

    The PSIO is a great mod to your PS1 that can play games from an SD Card. Stone Age Gamer has great customer support and helped me with whatever problems I came upon. Buy with confidence.

  • 5

    Posted by Poeskas on Oct 10th 2019

    The PSIO is a great product, and SAG's service was top-notch. Highly recommended

  • 5
    Worth it!

    Posted by Nicholas Majcher on Jun 12th 2019

    I grew up a nintendo kid, but for some reason, even though i own NES Multicarts, SNES multicarts Sega Multicarts etc... This thing brought me the most joy. It may be slightly finicky with the certain file types, but once you get the file stuff sorted, this thing is a breeze to use. Also SUPER SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to SAG for instaling it on my PS1. The turn around time was quick, and easy. I would highly reccomend this product!!! - I would also reccomend going through SAG if youre not the best at soldering.