NES 72-Pin Connector Replacement

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NES 72-Pin Connector Replacement

This connector is made of a much stronger metal than the original. It is the strongest one you can find and it will not corrode over time.

Is your NES giving you problems? Do your games seem to be not working the way they used to? Or maybe your screen just flashes yellow and gray? It could be that your old 72 pin connector is broken! The original connectors had a design flaw, and were made of cheap metal that corrodes after time.
This connector is made of a much stronger metal than the original. It is the strongest one you can find and it will not corrode over time. It works with the original 8-bit Nintendo system, and is simple to replace, only a Phillips head screwdriver is needed to complete installation in minutes.
Product Features
  • Easy installation with a screwdriver
  • Works with original 8-bit NES system

15 Reviews

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    Great product, great company!

    Posted by Dane Picone on Feb 29th 2024

    Order arrived on time, connector is relatively easy to install & holds the games great, console works & feels like new again!

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    Little bit fussy

    Posted by Jacob Schweiger on Sep 14th 2023

    The angle of the slot was a bit off and as a result my games have to be forced in.

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    NES 72 Pin Connector

    Posted by Travis McIntyre on Sep 4th 2023

    Works great and does what it is advertised. I little tight on install but east to loosen up. Cheers!

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    Great replacement

    Posted by exHo on Mar 6th 2023

    I bought 3 to replace badly damaged OEM connectors. I don`t see a difference in performance over an OEM in ideal shape! Carts play very reliably. Very good purchase and I will buy more from this site when I need more.

    I would say it is a bit snug fit with the cart but I prefer that and it doesn`t seem to be marking up the cart`s plating any.

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    NES 72-Pin Connector

    Posted by Sean on Aug 20th 2022

    Ordered a few to replace the worn-out connectors on a few consoles I refurbished for a friend. All pins and screw holes lined up perfectly, and all games ran as well as when new.

    If you run into problems, try disassmbling the game cart itself, polishing and cleaning its connector pins thoroughly with a fine polish and lots of isopropyl alcohol.

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    My childhood has been jump-started!

    Posted by Alexander Dhuyvetter Gil on Aug 13th 2022

    I originally fixed up my older brother's NES and gave it back to him a few years ago. Now, I got one of my own, but i wanted a fresh start when it came to booting up games. This 72-pin connector sounded the most promising, and I wasnt disappointed! Swapped out the connectors, put in Super Mario Bros, and I'm off to save the princess! Came in a timely fashion as well! Thank you Stone Age Gamer!!

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    Works well for me!

    Posted by James D on Jul 22nd 2022

    I had a friend give me an old NES that has been sitting in a hot garage in Arizona for the past decade. (If you are unaware we have summers in the 100 and teens and garages are notoriously brutal in the summer time). Needless to say it didn’t fire right up when I inserted a decrepit old copy of Mario 3. I installed one of these, and I recapped the system and it’s working great. This is an exact copy of the OEM version made a bit more robustly. Install is possible for anyone remotely handy with a screwdriver. The original design of the 72 pin is flawed so any issues with this is simply inherent to the design of the side loading NES. For me, the new pins, making sure my carts are clean, and inserting the cart squarely into the system works very time. (Even with a banged up copy of Mario 3). Be careful not to over tighten those screws, you’ll strip the plastic!

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    Worst aftermarket 72 pin I've ever worked with

    Posted by David MacAdam on Jul 22nd 2022

    I've worked with a multitude of aftermarket 72 pins on both my own hardware and for others and this one is by far the worst I've ever dealt with.

    I've had 72 pins that grip tightly, but never so tight that it borders on damaging the game and board until this one. And even after cleaning it still wasn't much better than the 72 pin I was replacing, connectivity wise.

    I ended up boiling and rebending the original pins I was going to replace with this and have had no further issues.

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    Posted by Andrew Brown on Jun 25th 2022

    The item is of good quality and contact with cart feels tighter. However didn't fix my problem completely. I think the board and pins had too much corrosion. I'd recommend cleaning that first inside the NES. Overall happy with the slightly better performance I'm getting.